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  1. SAJ..pls do not keep your customers in the dark when your servers are down or under maintenance. Please do an announcement on when the servers will be up and running because SAJ like any other utility companies have their corporate responsibility to consumers.

    • High tariff on water bill compared to other utility companies. Supplying bad water quality since the beginning. Always having broken pipe & water disruption. Plenty of an old & rusty underground pipe. Lack of an announcement and notice, either water or server disruption. No wonder, their server, service & responsibility to consumer was very bad.

  2. nak cek bill kat kg. still x blh bukak online bill. apa la buat system yg menyusahkan. patut menambah baik. ni langsung x blh open.more 2 week dh ni. lambat kang dtg potong

  3. Minimum charges RM7 is too high if the house is empty. Apps also slow and always problem to login. Very troublesome. Please reconsider the minimum charges and please improved on the apps.

  4. 1) Why I am unable to login my account more than 2 weeks?
    2) Requesting for bills in the care line email also do reply…..pls help.

    We need bills for the properties listed below:
    Location Account number
    1) G18 Pinggiran Senibong 82386439-R6294182
    2) G19 Pinggiran Senibong 82386439-R6294191
    3) G33 Pinggiran Senibong 82386439-R6294324
    4) G35 Pinggiran Senibong 82386439-R6294333
    5) B15-04 The Sky Service Apartment 82366439-N8205033
    6) B17-04 The Sky Service Apartment 82366439-N8205113
    7) 16 (PTD 144941 Jln Pinggiran 3/3 82366439-N8096829

    thank you.


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