How To Get Challenge Code BSN

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about the BSNSecure Challenge Code, particularly concerning conducting banking transactions with Bank Simpanan Nasional. Most users asked about “where to find challenge code BSN” and “how to get challenge code BSN”, which they’re not used to.

Many people have expressed concerns about the complexity of the process and the challenges in getting tasks done. Especially if you’re a newcomer to this system, it’s important to understand these issues thoroughly.

What is BSN Challenge Code?

BSN Challenge Code is a 6-digit Secure TAC number that will be generated on the BSNSecure mobile app. Please register BSNSecure first.

If you cannot use Secure Verification (Push Notification), you will need the BSN Challenge Code.

This code is essential for approving transactions on myBSN using the Secure TAC method.

How to get Challenge Code BSN?

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to get Challenge Code BSN:

  1. Start a Transaction that Requires BSNSecure Authorization: The first step in obtaining your BSN Challenge Code is to initiate a transaction on the myBSN Internet Banking platform that requires BSNSecure authorization.
  2. Click the ‘Request Code‘ Button: Once you’ve initiated the necessary transaction, navigate to the transaction confirmation page and click on the ‘Request Code‘ button.
  3. Check the Displayed Challenge Code: After you’ve clicked the ‘Request Code‘ button, the myBSN Internet Banking platform will display a Challenge Code. This is the BSN Challenge Code you need.
  4. Enter the Challenge Code in BSNSecure App: The next step is to take the Challenge Code you’ve been given and enter it into the BSNSecure app. This will generate a 6-digit Secure TAC number.
  5. Confirm the Transaction with the Secure TAC Number: Once you have your Secure TAC number, go back to the myBSN Internet Banking platform, enter the Secure TAC number, and click ‘Confirm‘. This will complete your transaction.
  6. Done

Does myBSN still use SMS TAC for transaction?

SMS TAC, a method of authorization delivered to your mobile number via telecommunications carriers like Maxis, Digi, Celcom, and U Mobile, will be phased out for certain myBSN Internet Banking services.

This follows the introduction of the BSNSecure App, which implements Secure Verification (Push Notification) and Secure TAC.

What are the differences between Secure TAC and SMS TAC used in myBSN?

Secure Transaction Authentication Code (Secure TAC) and SMS Transaction Authentication Code (SMS TAC) are both security measures used by BSN to authenticate transactions. However, they differ in several ways:

Method of Delivery

  • Secure TAC is usually generated through a mobile banking application. Once a transaction is initiated, the app generates a unique Secure TAC which the user then enters to authenticate the transaction.
  • SMS TAC, on the other hand, is sent via text message (SMS) to the user’s registered mobile phone number. The user then enters the code received on their phone to complete the transaction.


  • Secure TAC is considered more secure as it is generated within the banking app and does not rely on the security of the user’s mobile network. Even if the phone is lost or stolen, the Secure TAC cannot be used without access to the banking app.
  • SMS TAC is less secure as it can potentially be intercepted or redirected by malicious parties. If a user’s phone is lost or stolen, there is a risk that the SMS TAC could be used by someone else.

Dependence on Network

  • Secure TAC does not depend on the mobile network or internet connection once the banking app is installed and activated.
  • SMS TAC is dependent on the mobile network. If the network is down or if the user is in a place with poor reception, they may not receive the SMS TAC, thus preventing them from completing their transaction.


  • Secure TAC is usually faster and more convenient as the code is generated instantly within the app.
  • With SMS TAC, there can be delays in receiving the code due to network issues, which can make the transaction process longer and less convenient.

While both Secure TAC and SMS TAC provide an extra layer of security for banking transactions, Secure TAC is generally considered to be more secure and convenient.

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