BSNSecure Challenge Code

A lot of people has been talking about BSNSecure Challenge Code and how it’s so difficult to perform banking transaction with Bank Simpanan Nasional and to get things done.

If you’re new to this, you need to read about this BSN Challenge Code, which is similar to i-MSecure token by Bank Muamalat.

What is BSNSecure Challenge Code?

BSNSecure Challenge Code is a part of the authentication process used to approve transactions through myBSN Internet Banking.

A Secure TAC number consisting of 6 digits will be created on the BSNSecure mobile app. This Secure TAC number can be utilised to authorize specific transactions carried out through myBSN.

Why do I need to authorise the transaction with BSNSecure using Secure TAC?

The Secure TAC method can approve transactions if you don’t receive Secure Verification due to Internet issues.

How to generate myBSN Secure TAC?

A unique 6-digit Secure TAC number can be generated on the BSNSecure mobile app and can be used to approve specific transactions on myBSN.

How to approve myBSN transactions using Secure TAC?

Here are the steps to approve transactions using Secure TAC:

  1. Initiate a transaction that requires BSNSecure authorisation on myBSN Internet Banking.
  2. Click on ‘Request Code‘ at the transaction confirmation page.
  3. myBSN Internet Banking will display a Challenge Code for the customer to enter on the BSNSecure mobile app.
  4. Enter the Challenge Code on BSNSecure mobile app to generate a 6-digit Secure TAC number.
  5. Enter the Secure TAC number on myBSN and click ‘Confirm‘ to complete the transaction.

When will Secure TAC be activated?

The Secure TAC authorisation method will only be activated after 60 seconds once the Secure Verification (Push Notification) session has expired.

What will happen if I input an incorrect Secure TAC Code?

If you have entered the wrong Secure TAC Code or it has expired, you need to request a new one.

Any transactions through myBSN will be denied if an incorrect Secure TAC Code is used or the code expires. (Secure TAC Codes only remain valid for 60 seconds).

What will happen if my Secure TAC Code is expired or no longer valid?

If your previously requested Secure TAC Code is no longer valid or has expired, you also need to request a new one.

What is the time limit for approving a transaction with Secure Verification?

You have 60 seconds to approve the transaction using the BSNSecure Application.

Why do certain transactions use SMS TAC while others use BSNSecure mobile app?

SMS TAC is used solely for myBSN Internet Banking registration and activating the BSNSecure app. See the BSNSecure Applicable transaction list for more information.

Is it possible to de-register the BSNSecure App?

Yes, you can de-register the BSNSecure mobile app through myBSN Internet Banking.

However, this won’t switch your authorization method back to SMS TAC. The next time you need to authorize a transaction on myBSN Internet Banking, you’ll be prompted to re-register the app.

For your convenience, we recommend that you immediately re-register the BSNSecure app on a new device.

Without the app, you won’t be able to confirm and finalize transactions.

More information about BSNSecure

  • If you don’t approve your myBSN Internet Banking transaction with Secure Verification / Secure TAC, the transaction won’t go through and no money will be taken from your account.
  • To approve transactions using Secure Verification (Push Notification) or Secure TAC, you need a stable internet connection.
  • You can use the BSNSecure Application abroad, provided you’re using the registered mobile device and have a reliable internet connection.
  • Starting July 1, 2023, all myBSN Internet Banking transactions will be authorized through the BSNSecure App, replacing SMS TAC.

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