Gazetted Public Holidays in Malaysia

Gazetted public holidays in Malaysia refer to an official public holiday recognised by the government. These holidays are outlined and published in the Government Gazette, thus the term ‘gazetted’. These holidays may be national or specific to certain states. They include religious and cultural celebrations and significant historical events.

The government has the authority to declare a day to be observed as a public holiday, and it would be legally binding. On these days, similar to if there are any replacement holidays, government offices and many businesses are closed.

List of gazetted public holidays in Malaysia

Here are the list of gazetted public holidays in Malaysia:

  1. New Year’s Day (1 January)
  2. Thaipusam (Date Varies)
  3. Federal Territory Day (1 February)
  4. National Day (31 August)
  5. Workers’ Day (1 May)
  6. Wesak Day (Date Varies)
  7. King’s Birthday (First Saturday of June)
  8. Hari Raya Puasa (Date Varies)
  9. Hari Raya Haji (Date Varies)
  10. Malaysia Day (16 September)
  11. Deepavali (Date Varies)
  12. Awal Muharram (Islamic New Year, Date Varies)
  13. Christmas Day (25 December)
  14. Hari Merdeka (Independence Day, 31 August)
  15. Chinese New Year (Date Varies)
  16. Nuzul Al-Quran (Date Varies)
  17. Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (Date Varies)
  18. Good Friday (Only in Sabah and Sarawak, Date Varies)
  19. Gawai Dayak (Only in Sarawak, 1-2 June)
  20. Kaamatan Festival (Only in Sabah, 30-31 May)

Note: The dates of some holidays vary each year, as they are based on lunar calendars.

How many gazetted public holidays are there in Malaysia?

There are 20 gazetted public holidays in Malaysia.

What are the 5 compulsory public holidays in Malaysia?

Here are the 5 compulsory public holidays in Malaysia:

  1. National Day: Celebrated on 31st August every year, this day marks the independence of Malaysia from British colonial rule in 1957.
  2. Malaysia Day: Celebrated on 16th September every year, this day commemorates the formation of Malaysia in 1963.
  3. The Birthday of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King’s Birthday): This is celebrated on the first Saturday of June every year.
  4. Labour Day: Celebrated on 1st May every year, this day is dedicated to all workers and employees across the country.
  5. Birthday of the ruler or governor of the state (E.g: Federal Territory Day in the federal territories)

What is the list of birthdays of the ruler or governor of the state?

Here is the list of compulsory public holidays in Malaysia, which is the list of birthdays of the ruler or the governor of the state:

Birthday of Sultan / Ruler / Governor Holidays
Federal Territory Day (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan)
Melaka Governor’s Birthday (Melaka)
Penang Governor’s Birthday (Penang)
Raja Perlis’ Birthday (Perlis)
Sabah Governor’s Birthday (Sabah)
Sarawak Governor’s Birthday (Sarawak)
Sultan of Johor’s Birthday (Johor)
Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday (Kedah)
Sultan of Kelantan’s Birthday (Kelantan)
Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday (Pahang)
Sultan of Perak’s Birthday (Perak)
Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday (Selangor)
Sultan of Terengganu’s Birthday (Terengganu)
YDPB Negeri Sembilan’s Birthday (Negeri Sembilan)

What happens if public holiday falls on off day in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, if a public holiday falls on an off day (like Saturday or Sunday), the following workday will be a substitute public holiday. This is applicable to national and state public holidays.

However, this does not apply if the public holiday is a state-specific holiday falling on the off day of that particular state. This substitute public holiday is colloquially known as a “replacement holiday”or “public holiday in lieu”.

What is the minimum public holiday entitlement in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the minimum public holiday entitlement is 11 days per year. This includes 5 compulsory nationwide holidays: National Day, Malaysia Day, the King’s Birthday, Labour Day and the Birthday of the ruler or governor of the state. The remaining 6 holidays can be chosen from a list the government provides, which varies depending on the state.

How to calculate public holiday pay in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the calculation of public holiday pay depends on whether the employee is required to work on that day or not.

  1. If the employee does not work on a public holiday:
    The employee is entitled to receive their ordinary rate of pay for that day. This calculation is usually based on their monthly salary divided by the number of working days in a month.
  2. If the employee works on a public holiday:
    The employee is entitled to receive two days of wages. This includes their ordinary rate of pay plus one day of extra pay. For instance, if an employee earns RM 100 per day, they would receive RM 200 for working on a public holiday.

However, it’s important to note that these rules may not apply to all employees. Certain groups, such as those on probation, part-time workers, or those not employed for a certain period, may not be entitled to the same public holiday pay.

Therefore, it’s always best to refer to the Malaysian Employment Act or consult a human resource professional for the most accurate information.

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