Where To Buy Setem Hasil RM10

What is Setem Hasil?

Setem Hasil, also known as revenue stamp, is a type of stamp issued by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN).

It is used as proof of payment for tax on legal documents such as sales and purchase agreements, loan agreements, and other types of contracts.

It is affixed on the document as a form of certification that the necessary tax has been paid.

The value of the Setem Hasil required depends on the value of the transaction or the contract.

Where to buy Setem Hasil RM10

Setem Hasil RM10 can be purchased at any post office branches in Malaysia.

It can also be bought online through platforms like Shopee and Lazada. Please ensure that the seller is reliable to avoid counterfeit stamps.

Purchasing a counterfeit stamp can lead to legal consequences and unnecessary hassles.

Therefore, be cautious and always purchase from a trustworthy seller.

Why need to ‘matikan Setem Hasil’

“Matikan setem” is a Malay phrase that translates to “affixing a stamp duty” in English.

This is necessary for legal and official documents such as agreements, contracts, deeds, and other instruments to be recognized as valid and enforceable by law in Malaysia.

The stamp duty is a tax paid to the government and it serves as an evidence that the appropriate duties have been paid in full.

If the stamp duty is not paid, the document may not be admitted as evidence in court in case of legal disputes.

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  1. no more post office bruh …. starting 2024 there is no more PO selling setem hasil maaa
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