NCD Enquiry: Check NCD Online in Malaysia

NCD (No Claim Discount) is a discount on insurance premiums offered to policyholders if they have not made any claims during the policy period. Various online platforms in Malaysia enable individuals to check their NCD status online quickly and efficiently.

For instance, Fincrew offers an NCD Online Checker that allows Malaysian drivers to check their NCD for free. Similarly, MyCarInfo provides an online inquiry feature for checking the NCD rate by entering the owner’s vehicle plate number and identity card number.

Understanding NCD Online Enquiry

The online NCD check and enquiry is important for individuals and insurance providers. It allows policyholders to verify their NCD status, which can significantly affect the insurance premium for the upcoming renewal period. On the other hand, it also enables insurance companies to validate the claim history of individuals, ensuring accurate premium calculations and promoting safe driving habits among policyholders. Through online platforms, checking and inquiring about NCD becomes straightforward and accessible, which is beneficial in maintaining transparency and ensuring that individuals are rewarded for safe driving with lower insurance premiums.

This feature is especially beneficial during insurance renewal, as knowledge of one’s NCD can influence decision-making. The online feature eliminates the need for physical visits to insurance offices, saving time and fostering efficiency.

Process of Checking NCD Online

Checking your vehicle’s No Claim Discount (NCD) online is quite straightforward and user-friendly, designed with the vehicle owner’s convenience in mind. Here are the guides for to check NCD online using MyCarInfo, Fincrew and ISM.

MyCarInfo NCD

MyCarInfo, owned by Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad (ISM), is a platform providing vehicle valuation, insurance information, and No Claim Discount (NCD) checks for the general public in Malaysia. To check your No Claim Discount (NCD) online through MyCarInfo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MyCarInfo website.
  2. Click on the NCD Enquiry option or select the service you need such as NCD Inquiry, among others like Vehicle Market Value, Vehicle Search, and Insurance Verification.
  3. Key in your vehicle plate number and the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number of the car owner.
  4. If your vehicle is registered under a company, you’ll need to enter the company’s registration number instead.
  5. Click on “Get My NCD Record” to view your NCD details.
  6. You can see information such as your next NCD percentage, the next NCD effective date, and the current NCD percentage.

Just so you know, the NRIC and vehicle plate number you provide must match the vehicle ownership information stored by the Malaysia Road Transport Department (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan). On MyCarInfo, the NCD information is publicly available, but your personal information remains protected.

Fincrew NCD

FinCrew is a Malaysian online marketplace that simplifies the process of comparing and purchasing insurance and financial products. To check your No Claim Discount (NCD) on Fincrew, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Fincrew Online NCD Checker page.
  2. Enter your vehicle’s Registration or Plate Number.
  3. Provide the Owner Passport or MyKad Number.
  4. Submit the information to view your NCD details.


Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad (ISM) is the owner of MyCarInfo. It provides vehicle valuation and insurance information, including vehicle market values and No Claim Discount (NCD) information.

Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad (ISM) do not offer a direct portal for checking NCD on its main website ( You can check your NCD quickly through MyCarInfo, making it a handy platform for all vehicle-related queries.

Explanation of NCD Rates

The No Claim Discount (NCD) rate is a significant factor in determining the cost of your vehicle insurance, with the rate varying depending on whether you have made any claims within a 12-month period and the type of vehicle you own. The NCD is granted to owners who have not made any claims, encouraging safe driving and prudent vehicle use.

Vehicle TypeNCD Rate
Private CarsUp to 55%
MotorcyclesUp to 25%
TaxisUp to 20%
LorriesUp to 15%
Special VehiclesUp to 25%
Maximum NCD rates based on vehicle type.

Each claim reduces the NCD rate, impacting the subsequent year’s insurance cost. Hence, maintaining a high NCD rate by avoiding unnecessary claims can result in substantial savings.

Impact of Claims on NCD

Every single claim made on your vehicle insurance has a direct impact on the NCD rate, potentially leading to a significant reduction in the subsequent year’s discount. This reduction is due to the insurer’s perception of increased risk following a claim.

For instance, if your NCD rate is currently at 50% and you make a claim, the rate could drop to 20% in the following year.

If multiple claims are made within the same year, your NCD could potentially drop to 0%, eliminating your discount entirely. Even a small claim can have a substantial effect, as it indicates to insurers that you may be a higher risk.

Factors Influencing Your NCD

Factors such as claim frequency, vehicle type, and even NCD transfer when changing vehicles can significantly impact your NCD rate.

Consider the following table:

Claim FrequencyMore claims lead to a lower NCD.2 claims in a year could lower your NCD by 30%.
Vehicle TypeNCD rates vary between vehicle types.A private car might have a higher NCD compared to a commercial lorry.
NCD TransferNCD can be transferred when changing vehicles.Selling your old car could allow you to transfer its NCD to your new vehicle.
List of factors and impact of NCD claim

NCD Transfer Guidelines

NCD is tied to the vehicle owner and not the vehicle itself. Hence, it can be transferred when selling an old car and buying a new one.

The NCD cannot be used for multiple vehicles at once, it is recommended to transfer the highest NCD to the most expensive vehicle.

When transitioning to a new insurer, please make sure they acknowledge your NCD status. The transition should not affect your NCD. The vehicle must be registered under the owner’s name and identification number for the NCD to be valid.

Role of Insurance Companies in NCD

Insurance companies determine NCD rates based on claim history, with higher discounts for those who make fewer claims. This system encourages safe driving and helps manage risk. Please check your NCD, printed in cover note insurance.

Insurance providers also facilitate the NCD transfer process, allowing policyholders to retain their NCD when switching insurers or vehicles. They maintain databases to track claim records and NCD entitlements, which can be accessed online, providing transparency and convenience for vehicle owners.

Additional NCD Information

Certain factors do not affect the NCD, such as changing or repairing car mirrors if covered by the insurance policy. Certain repairs or changes to your vehicle will not affect your NCD. Specific conditions must be met for this to apply.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Any damage that is not the policyholder’s fault will not affect the NCD. This includes incidents such as vandalism or damage from natural disasters.
  • The NCD can be transferred between vehicles, providing flexibility for those who own multiple cars.
  • Changing insurance companies will not impact your NCD, allowing you to choose the best policy for your needs.

Summarizing NCD Online Check

An online check of your No Claim Discount can provide insight into the status of your car insurance, potentially leading to significant savings. The online enquiry is conveniently accessible through portals such as MyCarInfo.

Online NCD InquiryQuick, easy access to NCD statusSaves time, effort
Understanding NCD RatesAwareness of potential savingsInformed decisions on insurance
Awareness of factors affecting NCDKnowledge of how actions affect NCDBetter driving, more savings
Benefit and impact of checking NCD online.

The transferability of NCD when changing vehicles or insurers ensures continuous savings. Notably, no-fault damages or changes in car features do not affect your NCD. Read more about NCD in car insurance. Please check your NCD online to maximise your savings.

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