myTukar Dealer: Login Dealer Management Portal Online

myTukar is a Malaysian online platform designed to facilitate the buying and selling used cars, also called second hand cars, with its Certified Pre-Owned standards. It is a platform for individuals to buy and sell used cars. Users can browse a list of quality certified second-hand cars on the modular platform, regardless of their location within Malaysia.

myTukar Dealer refers to the car dealers registered on the myTukar platform to trade used vehicles, particularly used car. Dealers can log into the myTukar Dealer Portal to browse vehicles that come with comprehensive inspection reports and pictures. They can also bid on cars during nationwide live bidding sessions, held three times per day, seven days a week. myTukar Dealer needs to login to start bidding.

myTukar Dealer Management Portal

After logging in, you’ll have access to browse vehicles, place bids during live bidding sessions, and use other features provided within the Dealer Management portal.

Dealer Management Portal

Like Carsome Dealer Dashboard, myTukar has a Dealer Management portal where dealers can log in to continue using their services. New registered dealers can contact myTukar via phone in Singapore or submit a form in Malaysia.

Transport Vehicle Listings in Service Industries

Dealers and potential buyers can browse listings of quality-certified second-hand cars on myTukar’s platform. The myTukar Dealer Portal provides comprehensive inspection reports and pictures of the used car listed.

myTukar Inspection of Used Car

Selling and buying used car requires inspection process to satisfy buyer and seller. The process of selling a car on myTukar begins with a rigorous 160-point inspection to ensure the quality and condition of the vehicle. This inspection helps in providing a detailed report to potential buyers or dealers. myTukar acts as a bridge connecting car sellers with over 2,600 car dealers nationwide, creating a wide network for trading vehicles

myTukar Wholesale and Retail Business in Used Car

myTukar is known as a used car platform. It started as a wholesale business in 2018, connecting car sellers and car dealers. In 2021, it expanded to retail business, providing quality cars directly to customers. Through these features, myTukar provides a streamlined, trustworthy platform for dealers, car sellers, and buyers to interact and transact in the used car market in Malaysia.

myTukar Aftersales Services of Motor Vehicles

myTukar offers aftersales services across 5 workshops in Malaysia. This is to cater to all car maintenance needs to ensure proper servicing and preservation of the driving experience even after the sale of the used car.

myTukar has a Refurbishment Centre where repair and refurbishment work is carried out on vehicles to meet the myTukar Certified Pre-Owned standards. This certification ensures the cars have undergone a thorough inspection and refurbishment process to ensure a quality purchase of a used car for buyers. myTukar completes the full cycles of buying and selling used car. This comes with the option of vehicles of financing by buyer.

Financing Services in myTukar Used Car

myTukar offers financial products and services such as loans through partner banks and its in-house Genie Financing. This allows customers and registered dealers to obtain financing for vehicle purchases with easier loan approval processes, without the need to approach multiple banks. myTukar handles all the paperwork to ensure a hassle-free experience for its users.

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