Carsome Dealer: Login Dealer Dashboard Online

Carsome is an online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of used cars, also called used cars and pre-owned vehicles. It connects car sellers, buyers, and dealers in a streamlined and transparent manner.

A Carsome dealer is a used car dealer registered on the Carsome platform who can bid on, buy, and sell cars through the platform’s tools and services. Carsome dealer needs to log in to the platform to start bidding, buying and selling used cars.

How to Login Carsome Dealer?

To log in as a Carsome dealer, visit the Carsome Dealer Dashboard page at Alternatively, on the official Carsome website, click the “Dealer Login” option available. Enter your username and password to log in if you have an account. If you have any problems or have more questions, contact Carsome’s support or check their FAQ page.

The Carsome Dealer Dashboard has a lot of features. It is a one-stop platform where registered used car dealers can bid on the latest used cars listed on the Carsome online marketplace.

What are Carsome Features for Dealer?

Dealer Dashboard

Carsome offers a Dealer Dashboard, a centralised platform where registered used car dealers can bid on the latest used cars listed on Carsome. The dashboard contains tools for viewing past and current car bids, paying for won bids, and managing their inventory without having to leave their office. It features a Marketplace for viewing available cars and bidding on them, a My Garage section to view purchased cars and current bids, a built-in online payment feature, and a drawdown financing request option for winning bids.

Live Bidding Platform

Carsome provides a live bidding platform where car owners can list their cars for auction, allowing registered used car dealer partners to bid on them.

This platform helps car owners get a fair price for their cars but also aids dealers in building their inventory with a wide range of quality cars. Cars listed on this platform are thoroughly inspected at 175 points before being put up for auction.

End-to-End Solutions

Carsome offers end-to-end solutions that include car inspection, ownership transfer, insurance and financing. It makes the process trusted, convenient, and efficient for consumers and used car dealers.

Carsome Dealers Financing and Insurance

Carsome emphasises dealer financing and insurance, showing a commitment to providing comprehensive services to their dealer partners. This is part of Carsome’s approach to taking a whole-of-industry approach, including skills training.

For dealers, Carsome provides financing up to 80% of the car’s value with interest as low as 1% per month. They also offer comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage through reputable partners.

Mobile App for Carsome Dealers

The Carsome CARdealer mobile app is designed for Carsome’s registered car dealers. It allows them to check car prices on the go, anytime, and anywhere. It is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

You can download the Carsome CARDealer app or visit the app’s page on the App Store and Google Play for more detailed features and functionalities.

Carsome Subsidiary Brands Collaboration and Partnership

In collaboration with subsidiary brands like iCar Asia, WapCar, and CarTimes, Carsome delivers end-to-end solutions covering various stages of the car buying and selling. These solutions range from car content consumption, car inspection, and ownership transfer to financing and other ancillary services, aiming to bring trust, transparency, and choice to customers.

iCar Asia Partnership

The partnership between Carsome and iCar Asia resulted in an integrated automotive ecosystem where dealers can source, advertise, and sell cars. Simultaneously, consumers have a platform to research, sell, and buy cars in a region with an annual trade value of over US$55 billion in automobiles. This marketplace is expected to feature around 100,000 cars transacted annually, over 460,000 live partner listings, over 10 million monthly unique visitors, and over 13,000 car dealers on the network.

WapCar Collaboration

,WapCar AutoFun Sdn Bhd (WapCar) as a fully-owned subsidiary within the Carsome group in Malaysia. WapCar and AutoFun, initially established in 2019, operate numerous automotive content websites and social media channels across various countries in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

WapCar produces a wide range of content covering car exploration, transactions, and ownership experiences for Carsome. They leverage industry-leading technology to assist customers in Southeast Asia in finding their ideal cars and immerse themselves in automotive-related content. The platform generates and manages Professionally Generated Content (PGC) and User Generated Content (UGC) on a large scale, distributing an average of over 1,400 article write-ups and 100 videos monthly across YouTube and TikTok channels.

Cartimes Acquisition to Enter Singapore Market

CarTimes, established in 2001, is a well-regarded auto company in Singapore offering a broad range of auto solutions, including new and used car retail, rental, financing, insurance, repair, maintenance, and workshops. The collaboration aligns with Carsome’s mission of prioritising customer values at every car transaction and ownership journey.

Carsome acquired a 51% stake in CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd in 2022. It makes CarTimes a subsidiary under the Carsome group.

Carsome’s acquisitions reflect a strategic move to their business expansion that includes market outreach and operational and marketing capabilities. Carsome strengthens its automotive marketplace through these acquisitions by offering more services that augment its marketing prowess and regional influence.

Carsome Buying Experience

Consumers can browse a wide selection of used, second-hand, and quality pre-owned cars on Carsome’s website, mobile application, or at the nearest Carsome Experience Center.

They can make a booking or schedule a test drive, with Carsome handling all the paperwork, making the process seamless and convenient.

Conclusion: Carsome is a Trusted Online Automotive Platform for Used Cars

Carsome operates an online platform to facilitate vehicle inspection, test-drive, sale, and purchase, primarily in Malaysia. This platform provides a structured environment for dealers, buyers and sellers. It makes the transaction process more efficient.

Carsome creates a trusted vehicle ownership ecosystem powered by technology and data. It makes the car buying and selling experience smooth for consumers and dealers. Like myTukar Dealer, Carsome has a Dealer Dashboard and a live bidding platform. Carsome empowers dealers to grow their inventory with quality cars, streamlining the car bidding and management process.

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