Kad Prihatin Siswa

Kad Prihatin Siswa (KPS) is an initiative by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in collaboration with Public Universities in Malaysia and RHB Bank. It is designed to foster a conducive financial ecosystem within academic environments while simplifying student identification processes.

This initiative aims to establish a cashless campus environment, promote innovative campus features, standardise student identification, and create a more robust financial ecosystem for the university community. This initiative was conceived by the National Student Consultative Council (MPPK) and aims to empower students through an e-Wallet application, alongside facilitating special offers to cardholders.

Importance of Financial Management for Students

Financial management is an impotant skill for students as it aids in navigating the economic challenges that come with academic pursuits. By promoting financial literacy and providing tools for better financial management, students are better positioned to handle their finances responsibly.

Identity Verification

The KPS serves a dual purpose as a multi-functional matric card, standardizing student identification across various campuses. It not only acts as a student identity card but also facilitates various campus-related transactions, thereby enhancing the administrative efficiency within university premises.

Collaboration Between Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education

The collaborative framework between universities, the MOHE, and RHB Bank underlines the unified approach towards creating a favorable financial and administrative ecosystem within academic institutions. This partnership underscores the collective commitment to enhancing the overall university experience for students.

List of the universities include:

  • UiTM
  • UPM
  • UIA
  • USM
  • UM
  • UMS
  • UTM
  • UKM
  • UMP
  • UUM

Financial Management Features

The core financial features of KPS include facilitating cashless transactions on campus and ensuring seamless financial aid disbursement directly to student accounts. These features significantly contribute to transforming the financial transaction ecosystem within universities towards a cashless paradigm.

Banking Integration

The synergy with RHB Bank has culminated in integrating a debit card function within the KPS. This integration allows students to manage their finances judiciously while enjoying the convenience of cashless transactions. Students can activate the debit card function at nearby RHB Bank branches, thus enjoying exclusive promotions and receiving financial aid if they are beneficiaries of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN).

Promotional Offers

KPS holders can get exclusive promotions and offers through e-Wallet applications like Boost, FavePay and vendors like McDonald’s and Starbucks. These partnerships augment the financial management experience by providing students with valuable discounts and offers, enhancing their overall university experience.

Benefit and Function

Kad Prihatin Siswa, now enhanced with the integration of Islamic RHB Bank’s Debit Card, brings numerous benefits to students, particularly in terms of cashless payments on campus.

The upgraded Kad Prihatin Siswa, in collaboration with Islamic RHB Bank, offers students advantages, revolutionising their campus payment experience. By integrating the Kad Debit Islamic RHB Bank, students can now enjoy the convenience and security of cashless transactions.

By using the Kad Prihatin Siswa, students no longer need to worry about carrying cash or constantly searching for ATMs. The card allows them to make payments seamlessly at various on-campus facilities, such as bookstores, cafeterias, and even vending machines. This eliminates the hassle of handling physical currency and provides a smoother and more efficient payment process.

The Kad Prihatin Siswa with Islamic RHB Bank’s Debit Card offers an additional layer of security. With advanced encryption technology and secure authentication processes, students can confidently make transactions without fearing fraud or unauthorised access to their funds. This peace of mind allows students to focus on their studies and campus life without worrying about financial security.

Integrating the Kad Debit Islamic RHB Bank brings various financial benefits to students. Students can track their spending by using the card for their daily expenses, helping them manage their finances effectively. Furthermore, the Kad Prihatin Siswa offers exclusive discounts and promotions at participating merchants, providing students with additional savings and perks.

With the upgraded Kad Prihatin Siswa, students can experience a seamless and secure cashless payment system within the campus environment. This integration of Islamic RHB Bank’s Debit Card enhances convenience and promotes financial literacy and responsible spending among students.


The Kad Prihatin Siswa initiative by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) is an excellent approach towards promoting financial management, ensuring seamless identity verification, and enhancing the academic experience for students. By harnessing the multifaceted benefits of KPS, students are encouraged to step into financial empowerment, setting a solid foundation for their future financial endeavours.

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