How To Change Transfer Limit On Maybank2u

Scared on an accidental transfer or just don’t want to be a victim of abuse and scam? You have to know the steps on how to change transfer limit on Maybank2u.

Read on and apply it immediately. For Bahasa Melayu version, click “cara tukar limit Maybank“.

How to change transfer limit on Maybank2u?

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to change transfer limit via Maybank2u:

  1. Log in to your Maybank2u account.
  2. Click on “Accounts & Banking”.
  3. Then, click on “Transfers”.
  4. Look for “Change Transfer Limit”and click on it.
  5. Now, enter the amount that you wish to change your transfer limit to. Note that the amount should be within the range that Maybank allows for a transfer limit.
  6. After you’ve entered the new amount, click on “Next”.
  7. You will then be asked to confirm the changes. If all the information is correct, click on “Confirm”.
  8. A TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) will then be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter this code in the space provided and click on “Confirm”.
  9. If the process is successful, you will see a message confirming the change in your transfer limit.

Remember that increasing your transfer limit may also increase the risk of fraud or loss in case your Maybank2u account is compromised. Always ensure that your Maybank2u login details are kept secure.

What is the daily transfer limit for Maybank2u?

The daily transfer limit for Maybank2u is up to RM50,000 for transactions within Maybank and up to RM30,000 for transactions to other banks.

However, these limits can vary depending on the nature of the transaction and the type of account you have with Maybank.

It’s always best to check with the bank for the most accurate information.

How do I increase my Maybank2u transfer limit?

Here is the steps on how to increase your Maybank2u transfer limit:

  1. Log in to Maybank2u.
  2. Click on “Accounts & Banking”.
  3. Then, select “Transfers”.
  4. Under the “Transfers”section, select “Change Transaction Limit”.
  5. Choose the new limit you want to set.
  6. Verify your transaction request with a TAC number, which will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  7. Once you’ve entered the TAC number, your new transaction limit will be set.

Please note that changing your transfer limit might require you to contact Maybank customer service or visit a branch.

Also, consider that increasing your transfer limit might increase the risk of losing more money if your online banking account is compromised.

What is the transfer limit for Maybank MAE?

The daily transfer limit for Maybank MAE is up to RM30,000.

How do I change my Maybank ATM withdrawal limit?

You can change your Maybank ATM withdrawal limit by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Maybank2u account.
  2. Click on “Accounts & Banking”.
  3. Then click on “Card Management”.
  4. Choose “Set Debit Card Purchase Limit”.
  5. Select the card number for which you want to change the withdrawal limit.
  6. Enter the new limit in the respective field.
  7. Click on “Next”.
  8. Review the details and click on “Request TAC”to receive your TAC number via SMS.
  9. Enter the TAC number and click “Confirm”to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can visit any Maybank branch or contact their customer service for assistance.

Remember, it’s important to set a limit that’s sensible for your own spending habits and security.

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