How to Buy Car Plate Number Online in Malaysia

When purchasing a car, many individuals desire to have the ability to choose their own vehicle registration number, also known as a car plate number. While these numbers are primarily used for identification purposes, they hold significance for some individuals, symbolising status and personal meaning. In Malaysia, every car is required to have a car plate number. But the question is, how to buy car plate number online in Malaysia? Can I choose my own number?

Previously, obtaining a special vehicle registration number meant relying on car salesmen and runners. However, the process has become much simpler with the introduction of digital platforms such as mySIKAP and JPJeBID.

How to buy car plate number manually at JPJ?

There are three main ways to obtain your preferred vehicle registration number, which includes offline and online.

For offline methods, you can visit one of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) branches to view a list of available numbers for sale. While unique numbers may require additional processing, ordinary numbers can be obtained immediately.

How to buy car plate number online via mySIKAP Online Platform?

Similar to the manual process, this method allows you to select a number online and proceed with the purchase through the payment page.

However, mySIKAP only offers ordinary running numbers and does not provide access to rare or unique ones.

How to buy car plate numbers online via JPJeBID Online Platform?

For those seeking unique and special numbers, JPJeBID offers a bidding system. Bidding starts as low as RM 300 and can reach up to RM 1,111,111. To participate in JPJeBID, an account on MYSIKAP is required.

What is JPJeBID?

JPJeBID is the Online Vehicle Registration Number Bidding System the Road Transport Department (JPJ) introduced. It was created to ensure transparency throughout the registration and payment processes. This implementation simplifies the bidding process and improves the online trading system. It is accessible at

JPJeBID Registration Process

Individuals or companies must first register with mySIKAP to participate in the bidding system. mySIKAP registration can be completed at any JPJ branch. The infographic below provides detailed instructions on registering for a mySIKAP public portal ID.

There is no limit on the number of vehicle registration numbers that can be bid on, but each individual is limited to winning three numbers, while companies can win up to five. A service charge of RM 10 is applied for each bid.

Vehicle Number Registration Category

The vehicle registration numbers offered for bidding are classified into three categories:

  • Popular Numbers: Includes digits such as 121, 242, 575, 898, 909, and others.
  • Attractive Numbers: Consists of numbers like 11, 44, 88, 777, 9999, and others.
  • Golden Numbers: Comprises numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and others.

The information provided is based on the data from JPJ’s website, which is updated every Tuesday. For more information or additional details about the bidding services, please refer to JPJ’s official website.

Payment Methods on JPJeBID

Payments for the bidding system can be made using credit or debit cards. Multiple credit or debit cards can be used for additional bids.

In addition to credit or debit cards, JPJeBID also accepts payments through online banking transfers. This provides an alternative method for users who prefer to pay directly from their bank accounts.

By offering this option, JPJeBID aims to provide a convenient and secure payment process for all users participating in the bidding system. Users can easily transfer funds from their preferred bank account, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free bidding experience.

Furthermore, JPJeBID ensures the confidentiality of users’ personal and financial information by employing advanced encryption and security measures to protect all transactions made through the platform.

Vehicle Registration Number Booking Price

A minimum booking fee is charged for each plate number reserved, based on the vehicle registration number category. The first bid amount must equal or exceed the minimum price set for the category. The minimum bid increase is 5% of the minimum price, with no maximum limit.

The increase formula is as follows:

  • 5% x Price of Minimum Bid = Minimum Price Increase
  • Price of Minimum Bid + Minimum Price Increase = Number of Bids
  • In the “Golden Numbers” category, the minimum price starts at RM20,000, with a minimum bid increase of RM1,000. The subsequent bids increase by RM1,000 as well, resulting in a bid of RM21,000 for the second bid and RM22,000 for the third bid.
  • For the “Attractive Numbers” category, the minimum price is RM3,000, with a minimum bid increase of RM150. The bids increase by RM150, resulting in a bid of RM3,150 for the second bid and RM3,300 for the third bid.
  • The “Popular Numbers” category has a minimum price of RM800, with a minimum bid increase of RM40. The bids increase by RM40, resulting in a bid of RM840 for the second bid and RM880 for the third bid. Additionally, there is an extra bid of RM920.
  • The “Current Numbers” category has a minimum price of RM300, with a minimum bid increase of RM15. The bids increase by RM15, resulting in a bid of RM315 for the second bid and RM330 for the third bid. There is also an extra bid of RM345.

Please note that the minimum bid increase is displayed on the bid page as a reference for participants. It is important to mention that all transactions during the bid process use a pre-authorization method. We have that this article that covers on how to buy car plate number in Malaysia is useful to you.


Are there any fees and extra charges for bidding?

Yes, a non-refundable service charge of RM 10 is applied for each vehicle registration number bid.

Is a deposit required before bidding?

No, a deposit is not required. However, bidders must pay the minimum amount according to the vehicle number category.

Can bidders withdraw their bids?

No, bidders are not allowed to withdraw their bids during the bidding period.

How can I find out about recent vehicle registration number tenders?

You can check the official JPJ website or follow their social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for updates.

How long does the bid process last for a series of car plate numbers?

The bid process lasts for five days and ends at 11.59pm on the fifth day.

What happens to the bid payment if the bidder’s bid is successful?

If the bid is successful, the bid amount will be immediately deducted from the bidder’s credit or debit card.

What happens to the bid payment if the bidder’s bid is unsuccessful?

In the case of an unsuccessful bid, the bank will cancel the transaction, and the amount will be credited back to the card used by the bidder.

How long does it take for the payment to be settled if the bid is unsuccessful?

The payment will be credited back to the borrower’s credit card within seven working days or debit card within 14 working days.

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