How Can I Check My TNB Bill Without Registration

TNB, or Tenaga Nasional Berhad, provide an online platform called myTNB for customers to manage their electricity accounts, view their bills, and make payments, among other services.

Checking the TNB bill works for both registered and non-registered users. In other words, you can also “semak bil TNB tanpa daftar” and save a lot of time.

How do I check my TNB bill without registration?

To check your TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) bill without registering on myTNB portal, there are a couple of options you may consider:

Express Payment on myTNB Portal

The TNB has an Express Payment feature on its portal where you can pay your electricity bill by simply entering your 12-digit electricity account number. Although this feature is mainly for payment, it implies that you can check your bill amount here without registering or logging in. However, for payments above RM250, you would need to log in or register.

Asking Someone with Access

If a friend or family member is registered on the myTNB portal, you can ask them to check the electricity bill or “bil api” for you. This isn’t a direct method, but it could be a workaround in a pinch, especially if you are renting the house.

Contact TNB Customer Service

If the online methods don’t work for you, contacting TNB’s customer service directly might be a good option. You can reach out to TNB Careline at 1300 88 5454 for assistance with your bill.

Physical Check of the Bill

If none of the above methods work or are applicable, visiting a TNB office or checking your physical mail for a paper bill might be necessary.

The online methods mentioned above are primarily focused on the myTNB portal, and from the information available, it appears that checking your bill online may require registration. If the lack of registration is a hard requirement for you, the offline methods or contacting customer service might be your best bet.

How to check TNB bill as registered user in myTNB portal?

Registered users can log into the myTNB portal to view their current and past bills, manage their accounts, and make payments. The portal provides a secure and convenient way to keep track of electricity usage and billing information. To check the bill, registered users must log in to myTNB, go to the ‘Information‘ section, and click ‘Bill & Payments‘.

It’s clear that while the TNB online via myTNB portal is designed to provide more features to registered users, non-registered users are limited to check and pay their bills without creating an account.

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