FOMEMA Online: Login, Register, Check Results

FOMEMA (Foreign Workers Medical Examination Monitoring Agency) is an organisation in Malaysia that primarily conducts health screenings for foreign workers. FOMEMA Sdn Bhd has operated since 1997 and has been mandated by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, to run a comprehensive Foreign Worker’s Health Screening System.

FOMEMA’s main objective is to closely monitor the health status of foreign workers to curb the spread of communicable diseases. This is to safeguard public health and ensure a healthy workforce within the nation. To manage health screenings for foreign workers, you need to login FOMEMA Online.

How to login FOMEMA?

To log in to FOMEMA, users can follow the steps outlined below based on their role (Employer, Agency, or Doctor). Each category has its dedicated portal for login and registration:

For Employers

  • Visit the Employer Login/Registration Portal
  • If you are an existing user, enter your credentials to login.
  • If you are a new user, you’ll need to register for an account on the same portal.

For Agencies

For Doctors

The FOMEMA Online Portal facilitates various actions such as purchasing medical forms insurance, amending foreign workers’ information, generating invoices, requesting refunds, and checking online medical results.

If you are a new user, you might need to provide certain documents during the registration process, such as your company’s registration documents, a copy of the NRIC/Passport of the contact person, a letter authorising the contact person to perform worker registrations, and a copy of the working permit / Calling VISA / Maid Online slip / Recalibration approval slip by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

For a visual guide on registering for the FOMEMA portal online, you can refer to this tutorial.

Refer this video on how to register FOMEMA online

How to check FOMEMA result online?

To check FOMEMA results online, there are several steps that individuals or employers need to follow. Below are the summarized steps based on different sources:

FOMEMA Online Result For Individuals (via Official FOMEMA Portal)

  1. Login to the FOMEMA portal at
  2. You can go to the ‘Medical Result‘ tab.
  3. Select your ‘Search Type‘ as either worker code or passport number.
  4. Fill in the necessary search criteria and click on “Search” to view the medical results.

FOMEMA Online Result For Employers (via FOMEMA Employer Portal)

  1. Visit the FOMEMA Employer Portal website.
  2. If you haven’t registered for employer portal access, do so and then log in using your ID or email.
  3. Click on ‘Medical Result’.
  4. Click on ‘Search Type’ and select ‘Passport’.
  5. Then enter the passport number of the employee to check the medical results.

These methods allow individuals or employers to check FOMEMA results online. The official FOMEMA portal is the central platform for checking results, with different portals designated for employers and other users.

Importance of Health Screening

The Health Screening of FOMEMA involves thorough medical examinations to identify any communicable diseases that foreign workers might carry. A subset of these diseases are tagged as notifiable diseases which require further actions and are critical to ensure health security within the Malaysian workforce.

The health screenings conducted by FOMEMA are vital as they help identify and manage health issues among foreign workers. It is essential for both the workers’ well-being and the public health at large. The screenings are a prerequisite for foreign workers to be legally employed in Malaysia, ensuring they are fit to work and not carry any communicable diseases.

FOMEMA’s system is tailored to meet Malaysia’s specific regulatory and health requirements, ensuring a thorough examination of foreign workers. The performance of FOMEMA’s screening system can be evaluated based on its effectiveness in identifying health issues and ensuring the compliance of foreign workers with the medical requirements set by the Malaysian government.

FOMEMA’s health screening is a legal requirement for foreign workers in Malaysia. It emphasises the importance of compliance with the country’s health and employment regulations. Employers and foreign workers must plan accordingly on the cost associated with FOMEMA screenings, which are mandatory for work permit renewals.

FOMEMA’s key stakeholders include the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, foreign workers, employers, medical facilities involved in the screening process, and the immigration department. They collectively ensure that the health screening system operates effectively and complies with Malaysia’s legal and health standards.

FOMEMA Online Portal

The Online Portal Usage is a digital facilitation provided by FOMEMA. Through the online portal, various activities can be carried out, such as checking the status of medical results, tracking appeal statuses, amending foreign workers’ information, and purchasing insurance. Additionally, refunds can be requested in cases where the medical examination results are unsuitable, and unsuitable slips can be printed through the portal, providing a comprehensive digital solution for managing foreign workers’ health screening processes.

Registration Process

FOMEMA online starts with the Registration Process. It begins with acquiring a medical form to get the health screening underway. Following the purchase, a panel clinic is selected where the medical examinations will be conducted. The final step is to print the medical examination form, which will be used in the subsequent health screening procedures.

Payment Procedures

Payment Procedures has different payment methods available for completing transactions within FOMEMA. The methods include platforms like iPay88 and Swipe Pay. They facilitate easy and secure payments to ensure a smooth process for employers and foreign workers.

Healthcare Providers

Network of Healthcare Providers represents the collaborative framework of FOMEMA with various healthcare providers. This network, which includes panel clinics, X-ray centres, laboratories, and radiologists, plays a pivotal role in conducting and evaluating medical examinations. This collaboration ensures a standardised and thorough examination process, aligning with FOMEMA’s objective of monitoring and regulating the health status of foreign workers in Malaysia.

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