Customer Service in Malaysia

Customer service refers to the support and assistance a company provides to its customers before and after purchasing products or services. Customer service has various activities, including answering questions, solving problems, and helping customers understand how to use their purchased products or services. Customer service aims to ensure a positive customer experience, thereby building a good reputation and potentially increasing revenues for the business.

In Malaysia, good customer service is important for businesses. The country is known for keeping customers happy compared to nearby places. As customers want better service, companies are working to improve how they help customers. Many companies focus on providing good customer service. Also, Malaysia’s location and facilities make it an excellent place for businesses to set up customer service centres. This shows how much value Malaysia places on making sure customers have a good experience with businesses.

Customer Service Across Industries in Malaysia

In Malaysia, customer service is utilized across various industries, some of which include:


Customer service is crucial in the banking industry to assist customers with their accounts, transactions, and any other banking-related inquiries.


Maybank offers a variety of customer service channels including a Customer Care Hotline, Live Chat on Maybank2u and the Maybank app, Phone Banking Services, and a dedicated email for general banking inquiries. They also provide a Fraud Hotline for immediate assistance if a customer suspects fraudulent activity.


CIMB also provides multiple channels for customer support, including a 24-hour Consumer Contact Centre, a Preferred Contact Centre, and a Premier Credit Card Contact Centre. They also offer email support and have a dedicated Customer Resolutions Unit (CRU) for handling customer or account-related matters.

Public Bank

Public Bank offers various financial services and has set up channels to report fraud or suspicious activities. They have a Customer Services Department that can be contacted at +60 3 2170 8000 / +60 3 2176 6000 / 6666 (GL) / +60 3 2176 6894 / 6157 / 6156 (DL) or by email at [email protected]. Public Islamic Bank Berhad provides customer support via phone at 603-2176 6000 or email at [email protected]. Customer support for Internet banking is available from 6 am to 12 midnight daily at 603-2170 8000 or [email protected].


RHB provides a variety of contact channels for customer service, including a hotline at 1300-220-007, WhatsApp at 012-6031978, and email at [email protected]. They have a Complaint Handling Unit for any service-related issues, which can be reached at [email protected]. The bank also has a Customer Advocacy unit to facilitate complaint resolution between customers and the relevant departments, contactable at 603-9206 8090. Direct support can be accessed via phone at 03-92068118, and customers with account or customer service-related queries can contact RHB’s Customer Service at +603 – 9206 8118 (Peninsular Malaysia) or +6082 – 276 118 (East Malaysia)



Maxis, a leading telecommunications provider in Malaysia, has established a dedicated customer service department to support and assist its customers. Customers can contact Maxis via their care portal, WhatsApp, phone call, or by walking into the nearest Maxis outlet. They also have a section for FAQs and video support on their website and dedicated business support for SMEs, Corporate, or Industries.

In the telecommunications sector, customer service representatives help customers with plan inquiries, technical support, and billing issues.


Celcom provides several customer service channels, including a hotline (1111 for Celcom numbers or +6019-601 1111 for any other phone), WhatsApp, and a live chat service on their official website. Customers can also contact them for support and inquiries regarding Celcom Home Fibre. The customer service hotline operates 24/7, ensuring assistance at any time.


Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is committed to providing excellent customer service for billing, technical support, or service inquiries. Customers can contact Digi Customer Service Helpline at 016-2211-800 or email them at [email protected]. A Digi Partner Support line is also available at 016-2998899 for those facing difficulties accessing information displayed in Digi Comms.


Customer service in the utilities sector assists customers with billing inquiries, service setup, and troubleshooting service issues.


The growth of e-commerce has brought about a significant need for customer service to assist online shoppers with their inquiries, purchases, and returns. Customer service in this sector often entails providing support through chat, email, and phone channels.


The healthcare industry requires customer service to guide patients with appointment scheduling, billing inquiries, and general information about healthcare services.


Companies in the technology sector provide customer service to assist users in troubleshooting issues, understanding product features, and addressing concerns related to software or hardware.

These sectors heavily rely on customer service to ensure a positive customer experience, address inquiries, and resolve issues, which helps retain customers and ensure smooth operations. The digitisation trend in Malaysia further emphasises the importance of customer service, especially in online-based service industries. The services sector, which includes many of the industries as mentioned earlier, contributes to over half of Malaysia’s GDP, indicating customer service’s significant role in the country’s economy.

Does Customer Service Impact Business and Economy of Malaysia?

Yes, customer service significantly impacts businesses and the economy in Malaysia in various ways:

Digital Economy Growth

The digital economy in Malaysia, encompassing service industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and technology, is poised to triple, reaching a gross merchandise value of RM125 billion by 2025. Customer service, especially enhanced by AI and other technologies, plays a pivotal role in supporting this growth by ensuring satisfactory customer experiences, which helps retain customers and attract new ones.

Business Performance

Good customer service management has been empirically linked to better business performance, especially in sectors like banking in Malaysia. Effective customer service can lead to higher customer satisfaction, which often translates to increased loyalty and potentially higher spending, positively affecting a business’s bottom line.

Customer Experience Trends

Malaysian businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of customer experience, which is largely shaped by the quality of customer service. For instance, the trend towards instant gratification in 2022 underscores the need for businesses to offer prompt and effective customer service to meet customer expectations. The digitalization trend further highlights the significance of leveraging technology to enhance customer service, which can lead to better customer satisfaction and potentially higher revenue.

Customer service can influence business performance and contribute to the broader economic growth in Malaysia by supporting the expanding digital economy, improving business revenues, and aligning with evolving customer expectations.

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