Bank Muamalat Kuantan

Bank Muamalat, one of the leading pioneers in Islamic banking, operates a branch conveniently located in the heart of Kuantan. This branch has been established … Continue →

Bank Muamalat Kota Bharu

Bank Muamalat, one of Malaysia’s leading financial institutions, continues redefining seamless banking services with its strategic location in Kota Bharu. Serving a myriad of banking … Continue →

iBiz Muamalat Token

The iBiz Muamalat Token is also called a Security Device / CR Token. It is a tool that offers additional security besides the user login … Continue →

How to Activate iBiz Muamalat

iBiz Muamalat is a corporate internet banking service created to become a single platform catering to the expanding needs of our corporate clients. Just like … Continue →

DuitNow Bank Muamalat

DuitNow represents a novel real-time online fund transfer service that enables you to conveniently transfer money to your recipient’s DuitNow ID rather than their account … Continue →

Bank Muamalat Online

Welcome to the unofficial guide that we called Bank Muamalat Online Knowledge Hub. In this unofficial comprehensive guide, we have organised our content into categories … Continue →

i-Muamalat Secure

From July 2023 onwards, Bank Muamalat customers face numerous issues due to changes in the transaction authorisation process. If you are among the impacted users, … Continue →

i-Muamalat Deactivated ID

There has been a case where you encounter an i-Muamalat Deactivated ID issue. With a Deactivated ID status, you can no longer perform transactions such … Continue →

BMMB i-MSecure

If you’re trying to transfer money via i-Muamalat but encounter some issues, probably it’s due to the BMMB i-MSecure token. But do not worry too … Continue →

IBG Transfer Bank Muamalat

How long does it take for IBG transfer Bank Muamalat to go through? Click here for Bank Muamalat IBG transfer time and always check the transfer status.

i-Muamalat Login

Login to start using Bank Muamalat online banking. Please register first and sign-in again with your username and password.

Khidmat Pelanggan Bank Muamalat

Klik sini untuk dapatkan nombor telefon khidmat pelanggan Bank Muamalat. Sila hubungi talian tertera, email atau hadir ke kaunter di cawangan terdekat.