Am I Eligible for eBelia Rahmah

The eBelia Rahmah program is designed to support Malaysian youths by providing them with an RM200 credit.

But first thing to ask and check yourself before registering or even claiming the credit, “Am I eligible for eBelia Rahmah?”. Get to know first about the “kelayakan” before doing anything. Once you got the answer, please proceed to claim eBelia Rahmah.

Am I eligible for eBelia Rahmah?

To be eligible for this financial aid, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Malaysian citizens aged 18 to 20 in 2023 (born between 2003 and 2005)
  2. Full-time students enrolled in registered higher learning institutions in Malaysia with active status before 30th April 2023

The program aims to benefit around 2 million young people across the country.

However, Malaysians who turn 21 in 2023 (born in 2002) are not eligible.

Students beginning their studies later in the year but registered as full-time students before 30th April 2023 are still eligible to redeem the credit.

How to claim the RM200 eBelia Rahmah credit?

The detailed method for claiming eBelia Rahmah may differ from e-Wallet provider. You may refer to their official website of Setel, Boost and TnG.

In the meantime, if you do not have any account or have not dowloaded the app, please follow these guides:

The Ministry of Finance has announced that eligible recipients can apply to redeem the RM200 credit starting at 8:00 am on Monday, 26th June 2023.

The redemption window will be open from 26th June to 22nd August 2023, and the RM200 will be credited to the recipient’s account within three days of application.

Does the RM200 eBelia Rahmah credit has expiry date?

Yes, eBelia Rahmah credit has expiry date. The redeemed RM200 credit is only valid for offline transactions and must be spent before 11:59 pm on 31st August 2023.

The credit cannot be used for online transactions, in-app bill and game payments, peer-to-peer transfers, parking, or toll payments.

The RM200 credit is a fantastic opportunity for users to explore and enjoy various offline products and services without worrying about expenses.

With the credit’s validity till 31st August 2023, users have ample time to plan their purchases and make the most of this generous offer.

Whether it’s shopping at local bookstores or any other activities, the redeemed credit opens up a world of possibilities for users to indulge in.

But remember that this exclusive offer is strictly limited to offline transactions. This means users cannot use the credit for online shopping or digital services.

As the deadline for utilising the credit approaches, users are encouraged to take advantage of these credits and explore the diverse range of products and services available in their university’s vicinity.

By doing so, they not only benefit from the credit’s value but also contribute to supporting local businesses and boosting the economy.

So, make the most of this amazing RM200 credit offer before it expires at 11:59 pm on 31st August 2023.

Can I transfer eBelia credit to GrabPay, BigPay or ShopeePay?

No, the RM200 credit cannot be transferred to other eWallet accounts.

The eBelia Rahmah program supports three eWallet providers only, which are

  • Boost
  • Setel
  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

These providers allow users to scan and pay using the DuitNow QR code.

Any remaining balance from the RM200 eBeliaRahmah credit will be forfeited upon expiration.

Can eBeliaRahmah recipient claim for RM100 eMadani credit?

If someone is a recipient of eBeliaRahmah, they would not be eligible to claim the eMadani e-wallet credit.

The eMadani initiative allows eligible Malaysians to claim an RM100 e-wallet credit. The eligibility criteria for claiming the eMadani e-wallet credit include being a recipient of Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR) as per records on 7 November 2023, having an annual income of RM100,000 or below as per the Inland Revenue Board’s record on 15 July 2023, not having claimed the incentive from any other e-wallets, completing the account verification process, and not being a recipient of eBeliaRahmah.

The registration and redemption period for the eMadani credit started on December 4, 2023, and will remain open until February 20, 2024. This initiative is accessible through four participating e-wallet providers, and recipients need to be Malaysian citizens aged 21 or above.


The eBelia Rahmah program is a great initiative to support Malaysian youths’ educational pursuits and daily expenses.

Eligible individuals can maximise this financial aid opportunityg the eligibility criteria, redemption process, and spending guidelines by understandin.

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