Suria FM: Frequency, Live Radio Online

Suria FM, now referred to as Suria, is a Malay language-private radio station based in Malaysia. It operates under the Star Media Radio Group, which is a subsidiary of the Star Media Group Berhad. Suria FM initiated its broadcast on 24 November 2005, with its programming majorly targeting the modern Malay demographic aged between 25 and 35. The radio station actively engages with its audience through various social media platforms.

Suria FM is known for its entertaining and educational weekend programs, and can be tuned into at 105.3 FM in the Lembah Klang region. The radio station also invites listeners to enjoy a range of music from the 90s, 00s, and the latest hits. Their studio contact number is 03-7724 2115.

Suria FM Frequency in Malaysia

Suria FM has various broadcasting frequencies across different regions in Malaysia. Here are some of the frequencies:

  1. Lembah Klang: 105.3 FM
  2. Seremban: 107.0 FM
  3. Melaka and Johor Utara: 88.5 FM
  4. Johor Bahru: 101.4 FM
  5. Ipoh: 96.0 FM
  6. Taiping: 91.7 FM
  7. Perlis, Kedah, and P. Pinang: 106.9 FM
  8. Kuantan: 96.1 FM or 102.4 FM
  9. Kuala Terengganu: 102.4 FM
  10. Kota Bharu: 106.1 FM
  11. Kota Kinabalu: 105.9 FM
  12. Alor Setar (Kedah) and George Town (Penang): 106.9 FM.

How to Listen Suria FM Radio Online?

If you’re outside the broadcasting range of Suria FM, you can still enjoy their programming from the comfort of your home or on the go. There are multiple ways to access Suria FM live.

Online Streaming

Suria FM’s official website offers live streaming. Just visit and click ‘Listen Now‘.

Mobile App

You can download the Suria FM mobile application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This allows you to listen to Suria FM anywhere, anytime.


If you’re out of range or prefer digital, you can also catch Suria FM on UnifiTV, channel 956. Wherever you are, you’ll always be close from Suria FM’s entertainment content. Don’t let geographical limitations stop you from enjoying Malaysia’s ‘Segalanya Hiburan’. Tune in to Suria FM no matter where you are!

Popular Suria FM DJ, Radio Announcers and Presenters

Several Suria FM presenters have gained popularity due to their engaging radio shows and significant contributions to the station. Here are some of the notable presenters:

DJ Lin (Roslinda Abdul Majid)

DJ Lin is a renowned radio presenter and singer at Suria FM, notable for hosting the Suria Cinta radio show. She has been recognized as the Most Trusted Radio Presenter in Malaysia by Readers’ Digest for three consecutive years, showcasing her significant popularity and trust among the listeners.

Tyzo (Tuah Zoqarnain Idris):

Tyzo, whose real name is Tuah Zoqarnain Idris, is a personality known as a radio presenter, host, actor, and singer in Malaysia. He has been a notable presenter on Suria FM, especially recognised for his radio shows “Suria Petang” and “Hello Suria”. Tyzo won the Most Popular Radio Presenter award at Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian in 2023, further establishing his popularity and recognition in the radio industry.

Sharifah Shahirah (Sharifah Sahirah binti Syed Abu Bakar Al-Khaired)

Sharifah Shahirah is a versatile Malaysian artist known for her work as an actress, model, comedian, host, and radio presenter. She returned to Suria FM on 5th February 2018, after her contract with Suria FM ended in 2011, making a comeback in radio broadcasting, which her fans eagerly awaited. On Suria FM, Sharifah Shahirah, also known as Rara, played the role of an elder sister and mediator between Tyzo and Suraya on the show “Suria Petang”.

With their unique styles and engaging radio shows, these presenters contribute significantly to Suria FM’s popularity and audience engagement.

For the information about other presenters or the current lineup of presenters in 2023, you might need to check into Suria FM’s official website.

Fizi Ali (Mohd Hafizudin Alimudin)

Fizi Ali is a Malaysian radio presenter, actor, and host known for his tenure at Suria FM. He was a radio presenter at Suria FM for nearly six years before deciding to leave the station. Fizi Ali had expressed his emotions on Instagram concerning his previous marriage with Shakilla Khoriri, which also highlighted his role as a Suria FM radio presenter.

Past Suria FM DJ and Presenters

Halim Othman

Known for his humorous and lively personality, Halim’s voice is a familiar one to Suria FM’s morning listeners. His entertaining segments are a great way to start your day.

Adibah Noor

A versatile talent, Adibah isn’t only a radio presenter and an acclaimed singer and actress. Her warm and vibrant voice resonates with listeners, creating a comforting atmosphere.

Shuib Sepahtu

Shuib’s comedic flair and knack for storytelling make him a favourite among listeners. He’s a natural entertainer who effortlessly brings joy through the airwaves.

Naim Tahak

Introduced as a co-host on Suria FM’s weekend sports show ‘Grandstand Suria’, Naim Tahak contributes to the sports segment of the radio station.

Baki Zainal

A well-known TV host, Baki Zainal, was introduced as a co-host on Suria FM’s breakfast show Ceria Pagi, enhancing the station’s morning programming.

Suria FM Programs

The station’s tagline is ‘Segalanya Hiburan‘ (Everything Entertainment). You’ll find something for every taste, from music segments featuring the latest hits to talk shows tackling topical issues.

Here are some favorites:

‘Suria Petang’A light-hearted evening segment, perfect for your drive home.
‘Suria Cinta’This late-night program features romantic tunes, ideal for winding down.
‘Suria 60an’A nostalgic trip down memory lane with music from the ’60s.
Suria FM programs offered to listeners

List of Radio Stations in Malaysia

With many radio stations in Malaysia, including Suria FM, you can tune in to experience these exciting programs designed to entertain you throughout your day.

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