Sellotape In Malay

What is the meaning of sellotape in Malay?

The meaning of sellotape in Malay is “pita pelekat”.

How do I use the word ‘sellotape’ in Bahasa Melayu?

Here are some ‘contoh ayat’ that you can use:

1. Saya perlu membeli pita pelekat untuk menampal kertas yang koyak.
2. Pita pelekat sangat berguna untuk mengikat hadiah sebelum dibungkus.
3. Adik saya menggunakan pita pelekat untuk menggantung poster di dinding biliknya.

What is the definition of ‘sellotape’ in English?

Sellotape is a type of adhesive tape that is commonly used for sticking things together. It is made up of a thin strip of plastic or paper that is coated with a layer of adhesive on one side. The adhesive is usually made from a type of synthetic rubber or acrylic, which allows it to stick to a wide range of surfaces.

Sellotape is often used for wrapping gifts, sealing envelopes, and sticking paper together. It is also commonly used in arts and crafts projects, as well as in the office and at home. The tape is easy to tear by hand, making it convenient to use without the need for scissors or other cutting tools.

One of the key benefits of sellotape is its versatility. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. It is also available in a variety of widths and lengths, making it suitable for a range of different applications.

Overall, sellotape is a simple yet effective solution for sticking things together. Its ease of use, versatility, and affordability make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

How do I pronounce the word sellotape in British English?

The word “sellotape” is pronounced as “SELL-oh-tape” in British English.

How do I use ‘sellotape’ in a sentence in English?

Here are some examples that you can use ‘sellotape’ in a sentence:

1. I need to buy some sellotape to wrap this gift.
2. Can you pass me the sellotape so I can fix this torn paper?
3. The sellotape dispenser is empty, can you refill it?
4. I accidentally stuck the sellotape to my fingers and now it won’t come off.
5. The sellotape held the poster up on the wall perfectly.

What are the related terms of ‘sellotape’?

Here are other terms or similar words for ‘sellotape’:

1. Adhesive tape
2. Scotch tape
3. Masking tape
4. Duct tape
5. Packing tape
6. Clear tape
7. Double-sided tape
8. Electrical tape
9. Gaffer tape
10. Washi tape

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