What to do During School Holidays at Home in Malaysia

Staying at home during the school holidays in Malaysia with kids? We’re here to help with plenty of suggestions to keep them entertained and educate them.

Our list includes indoor games, cooking local recipes, virtual tours, and establishing a reading corner with Malaysian children’s books.

Malaysian Culture Activities Without Leaving Home

You can enjoy Malaysia’s diverse heritage without stepping out of your house during the school holidays.

Try cooking traditional Malaysian recipes. Not only will you satisfy your taste buds, you’ll also learn about the ethnic influences that shape Malaysian cuisine.

Take time to watch local films. They’re an excellent way to understand societal norms and values. And of course, don’t overlook traditional arts and crafts. Engage in batik painting or shadow puppet making, fun activities that provide insights into the country’s artistic traditions.

Indoor Fun: Games and Activities for Children

Board games and puzzles can entertain your children indoors. They’re fun and assist in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Traditional Board Games: You probably have some at home already. Bring out that old Monopoly or Scrabble set; they’re still engaging.
  • Educational Puzzles: They keep minds active while being fun. Puzzle themes can range from geography to science, perfect for subtly incorporating learning into playtime.
  • DIY Craft Projects: If you feel creative, attempt some DIY projects. Kids will love painting, paper mache, or building small models.

Outdoor Fun: Backyard Adventures

Your backyard is full of potential adventures! Create a mini wildlife habitat by planting native plants or leaving a portion wild.

Consider a backyard picnic or a camping night under the stars, complete with imaginary campfire stories.

Growing your own veggies teaches patience and the joy of watching something grow from seed to plate. If that’s too much, how about a scavenger hunt? The thrill is in hunting for items and ticking them off your list.

Cooking Local Malaysian Recipes

Cooking local Malaysian recipes is a fun way for kids to learn about their culinary heritage and pick up basic cooking skills.

Here’s a guide:

  1. Choose a recipe: Start simple with ‘Ayam Percik’, ‘Ayam Masak Merah’ or ‘Bubur Cha Cha’.
  2. Get hands-on: Let kids do as much as they can – measuring, mixing, and even chopping if they’re old enough.
  3. Enjoy together: The best part is tasting your creations together!

Cooking is more than just making food; it’s a bonding time too.

Virtual Tours of Malaysian Landmarks

Exploring famous Malaysian landmarks virtually is engaging, especially when you can’t travel.

Tour the iconic Petronas Twin Towers from your living room. Take a virtual walk through the lush Penang Botanical Gardens or digitally climb Mount Kinabalu.

Learn about Malaysia’s rich culture and history too. Visit the Sultan Abdul Samad Building or the ancient Kek Lok Si temple from your home.

Crafting Sessions: Making Traditional Malaysian Crafts

Making traditional Malaysian crafts can be fun. They engage your kids and foster creativity and appreciation for Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.

Here are three crafts you can try:

  • Wau Bulan: A beautiful kite with intricate designs that symbolize elements of Malaysian culture.
  • Batik Painting: An art form that involves creating colorful patterns on cloth using wax-resistant dyeing.
  • Tanjak Making: Tanjak is a traditional Malay headgear often worn during ceremonial occasions.

Try them out and enjoy these crafting sessions during your school holiday at home in Malaysia!

Online Resources for Kids: Learning Opportunities

There are countless online resources for kids that offer excellent learning opportunities. You can find information and interactive activities on subjects ranging from science to art, history to coding.

Websites like Khan Academy or Coursera allow them to pick up new skills such as coding or drawing. There are also educational games online that make learning fun and engaging.

Many museums around the world offer virtual tours which could be an exciting ‘trip’ for your child without leaving home.

Family Movie Nights: Malaysian Films for Kids

Consider a family movie night featuring kid-friendly Malaysian films. It’s a fun way to spend time together and introduces your kids to Malaysia’s diverse cultures.

Here are three films to start with:

  1. Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal – An animated film that follows twins Upin and Ipin on an epic fantasy journey filled with moral lessons.
  2. Boboiboy Movie 2 – A superhero-themed animation that’ll excite your kids about saving the world.
  3. Sang Kancil dan Monyet – A classic tale teaching wisdom and cleverness, perfect for young minds.

Fitness Activities: Keeping Kids Active at Home

It’s crucial to keep kids active at home. Make the activities entertaining and engaging, and they won’t feel like chores.

Here are some suggestions:

ActivityEquipment NeededBenefits
Dance-offMusic player, space for dancingPhysical exertion, coordination development
Indoor Obstacle CourseHousehold items (chairs, cushions)Spatial awareness, motor skills
Yoga for KidsYoga mat or soft carpetFlexibility, concentration

Reading Corner: Malaysian Children’s Books

You can also create a cosy reading corner with some of the best Malaysian children’s books.

  1. Choose Comfortable Seating: Start by selecting a comfy chair or bean bag.
  2. Pick Engaging Books: Choose any popular titles.
  3. Add Personal Touches: Include soft lighting, cushions in their favorite colors and maybe even a snack table for refreshments.

The goal is to create an inviting space that encourages your child to develop a love for reading.

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