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NILAM Johor is an online platform developed by the Johor State Education Department under the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) to foster a reading culture among students in Johor.

NILAM, which stands for ‘Nadi Ilmu Amalan Membaca’, is a program initiated by the Ministry of Education Malaysia in 1999 to encourage reading habits among students. The program began with students in Year 1 of primary school and Form 1 or Transition in secondary schools.


NILAM Johor is aligned with the motto “Anak Johor Bangsa Membaca”, which translates to “Johor Children, A Reading Nation”​. This initiative is part of a broader program known as NILAM (Nadi Ilmu Amalan Membaca), which was introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Education in 1999 to encourage the habit of reading among students​. The main objective of NILAM is to instil a reading habit among students and encourage them to generate creative and innovative ideas through reading. Implementing the NILAM program involves three main modules: reading and recording readings, verifying records, and providing recognition​.

Key Features of NILAM Johor

Online Recording

NILAM Johor provides an online platform for students and teachers in Johor to record reading activities, transitioning from the manual recording of reading activities which used to be the norm.

Module NILAM Johor Login Procedure

Users can log in to the Modul NILAM Johor portal through the official website. The login procedure is straightforward, requiring users to:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Enter DELIMa ID.
  3. Enter the password.
  4. Click on the “Log In” button.

Recording Reading Activities

Once logged in, users can start recording their reading activities by:

  1. Go to ‘Reading Activity‘ on the main menu.
  2. Click on ‘Add reading activity’.
  3. Selecting the information under Reading Material Classification comprising Material Category and Language Category.
  4. Typing in the details of the Reading Material such as Title, Synopsis, Author, Publisher, Publication Year, and reading date.
  5. Clicking ‘Save‘ once the information is filled in.
  6. If the record is saved successfully, it will appear in the list of read materials. Otherwise, users should recheck and repeat the filling steps.


IQ NILAM and NILAM Johor are both initiatives aimed at promoting and tracking reading activities among students in Malaysia, albeit with certain distinctions. IQ NILAM, which stands for Index Quality NILAM, is an online system launched on 3 September 2018, designed to ease the process of recording students’ reading materials by school administrators, especially Class Teachers, GPM, and NILAM coordinators. Its objective is to help students achieve a 5-star rating for their reading records, thus aiding their performance in PAJSK (School Assessment Report). This platform encourages Parents to monitor and motivate their children’s reading habits at home.

On the other hand, NILAM Johor is an initiative for the state of Johor, conceived by the Sector of Resources and Educational Technology of the Johor State Education Department. It is an alternative method to facilitate recording NILAM reading activities in Johor. It is maintained on the platform module NILAM Johor for system improvement works. This initiative also appears to be a collaborative effort with Bit Extreme Infotech Sdn Bhd, as seen in the system development. Both platforms want to nurture a reading culture among students and provide a structured system for tracking and encouraging reading activities. Yet, they cater to different scopes, with IQ NILAM having a broader reach while NILAM Johor focuses on the specific needs of the Johor state.

In short, unlike the federal-level IQ NILAM system under the Ministry of Education Malaysia, which is used by students and teachers across Malaysia except Johor, NILAM Johor is a state government initiative specifically designed for the students and teachers of the state of Johor.

Implementation in Schools

All schools in Johor are advised to use this platform starting January 20, 2022. For this purpose, each district’s Unit of Resources and Educational Technology conducted a comprehensive briefing on using the NILAM Johor Module for Library and Media teachers.

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