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Melody FM, now rebranded as Melody, is a Malaysian Chinese-language radio station managed by Astro Radio, a Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd subsidiary. The station was launched on 15 August 2012, with frequencies formerly used by radio station XFM (Xfresh). It was the second Astro Chinese radio station in Malaysia, following My FM, and was the country’s fifth radio station. Melody FM aims at listeners aged 25-49 years, predominantly playing old Chinese hits from the 1970s to the 2000s and some new easy listening music. The station also offers a variety of entertainment programs to cater to different tastes.

The station’s tagline is “Acoustic Pleasure To Your Ear!” and it has significantly impacted the Chinese community in Malaysia, garnering a broad listener base since its inception. You can contact Melody at All Asia Broadcast Centre, Technology Park Malaysia, Lebuhraya Puchong-Sg. Besi, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. The contact number is 03-9543 8888.

How to Listen Melody FM Live Radio Online?

Melody FM can be accessed online. You can listen to Melody FM online through various platforms:

Please visit the official Melody FM online at Click “Listen Live” and start streaming live.

Radio Online Malaysia

This platform provides online streaming for Melody FM, a Chinese-language radio operated by Astro Radio Sdn Bhd broadcasting at 103.0 FM from Kuala Lumpur.

Live Online Radio

You can listen to Melody FM live with a simple click on this platform. This platform provides access to numerous AM, FM, and online radio stations from Malaysia, including Melody FM.


Melody FM is available on TuneIn, where you can listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, audiobooks, and podcasts.


On Radiomatik, you can tune in to the live stream of Melody FM, which transmits from Malaysia. This platform also occasionally checks for updated URLs to the streaming channels of Melody FM.

These platforms provide a convenient way to enjoy Melody FM’s programming from anywhere with internet access.

Melody FM Frequency in Malaysia

Broadcasting AreaFrequency
Klang Valley 巴生谷103.0FM
Alor Setar 亚罗士打/ Penang 槟城106.5FM
Ipoh 怡保98.5FM
Seremban 芙蓉97.9FM
Melaka 马六甲107.3FM
Johor/JB 柔佛98.4/103.3FM
Taiping 太平104.9FM
Kuantan 关丹100.0FM
Kuala Terengganu 登嘉楼104.0FM
Kota Bahru 哥打峇鲁99.8FM
Kuching 古晋103.7FM
Kota Kinabalu 哥打京那峇鲁98.6FM
Astro Channels Astro频道858
List of Melody FM frequency in Malaysia

Melody FM Programs

Melody FM offers a range of programs given its target demographic and entertainment focus. This “Information Connection” details the broadcast schedule of different segments on MELODY.

The “MELODY Information Zone” airs daily, from Monday to Sunday, between 07:00 to 22:00, for about 1 minute every hour. The “News Express” segment is broadcast from Monday to Friday at specific times: 07:00, 07:30, 08:00, 08:30, and continuously from 09:00 to 18:00, lasting for about 1 minute and 30 seconds each. During the weekends or public holidays, this segment airs at 08:00, 10:00, and 12:00.

The official website or contacting the station directly might provide more details on their program lineup.

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