Lorry Driver Salary in Malaysia Per Month

Lorry drivers in Malaysia are responsible for transporting goods and materials across the country.

They operate heavy vehicles such as lorries, trucks, and trailers, and are required to have a valid driving license and a good driving record.

Lorry drivers are expected to follow traffic rules and regulations, maintain their vehicles in good condition, and ensure that the goods they transport are delivered safely and on time.

They may work for logistics, manufacturing, or transportation companies and may be required to work long hours and travel long distances.

Lorry drivers in Malaysia play a crucial role in the country’s economy by facilitating the movement of goods and materials across the country.

How much does a Lorry Driver make in Malaysia per month?

The salary of a lorry driver in Malaysia can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the type of vehicle being driven.

On average, a lorry driver in Malaysia can expect to earn between RM 1,500 to RM 3,500 per month.

This translates to approximately $360 to $840 in US dollars.

Is Lorry Driver in high demand in Malaysia?

Yes, lorry drivers are in high demand in Malaysia.

The country has a growing logistics and transportation industry, which requires a steady supply of skilled lorry drivers to transport goods across the nation.

The ongoing construction and infrastructure projects in Malaysia also contribute to the demand for lorry drivers.

However, the industry faces challenges in attracting and retaining local talent, as many Malaysians perceive the job as low-paying and physically demanding.

Is Lorry Driver a good career in Malaysia?

Being a lorry driver can be a good career in Malaysia as it is a high-demand job due to the country’s growing logistics and transportation industry.

Lorry drivers can earn a decent salary and have job security, especially if they work for reputable companies.

However, it can also be a challenging job that requires long hours of driving and being away from home for extended periods.

It is important to have the necessary skills, training, and licenses to become a lorry driver in Malaysia.

What kind of companies hire Lorry Driver in Malaysia?

If you’re wondering what kind of top companies hire Lorry Driver, here are some examples to consider:

1. Logistics companies
2. Freight forwarding companies
3. Trucking companies
4. Delivery companies
5. Construction companies
6. Waste management companies
7. Retail companies
8. Manufacturing companies
9. Agriculture companies
10. Moving companies

What other jobs can Lorry Driver do?

There are often many transferable skills as Lorry Driver that can be utilised in other industries.

If you’re wondering what other jobs you can do with experience as a Lorry Driver, consider exploring the following alternatives:

1. Bus Driver
2. Delivery Driver
3. Heavy Equipment Operator
4. Forklift Operator
5. Tow Truck Driver
6. Courier
7. Truck Dispatcher
8. Long Haul Truck Driver
9. Tanker Driver
10. Van Driver

What are the skills required for Lorry Driver?

To be a successful Lorry Driver, you need to possess a variety of skills.

Here are some of the most important skills for a Lorry Driver:

1. Driving skills: A lorry driver must have excellent driving skills to operate a large vehicle safely on the road.

2. Navigation skills: A lorry driver must be able to read maps and use GPS systems to navigate to different destinations.

3. Time management skills: A lorry driver must be able to manage their time effectively to ensure timely delivery of goods.

4. Communication skills: A lorry driver must be able to communicate effectively with dispatchers, customers, and other drivers on the road.

5. Mechanical skills: A lorry driver must have basic mechanical skills to perform routine maintenance and repairs on their vehicle.

6. Attention to detail: A lorry driver must be detail-oriented to ensure that they are following all safety regulations and delivering the correct goods to the right location.

7. Physical fitness: A lorry driver must be physically fit to handle the demands of long hours of driving and loading and unloading cargo.

8. Patience: A lorry driver must have patience to deal with traffic, delays, and other challenges that may arise on the road.

9. Problem-solving skills: A lorry driver must be able to think on their feet and solve problems that may arise during their journey.

10. Safety awareness: A lorry driver must be aware of safety regulations and be able to follow them to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.

By developing these skills, you can position yourself for success as Lorry Driver and make valuable contributions to your organization.

How can I become a Lorry Driver in Malaysia?

Becoming a Lorry Driver requires a combination of education, experience, and skills.

To become a lorry driver in Malaysia, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a valid driving license: You need to have a valid driving license for the type of vehicle you want to drive. For a lorry, you need to have a GDL (Goods Driving License) or a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) license.
  2. Attend a driving school: You can attend a driving school to learn the skills and knowledge required to become a lorry driver. The driving school will provide you with the necessary training and guidance to pass the driving test.
  3. Pass the driving test: You need to pass the driving test to obtain a GDL or PSV license. The test will assess your driving skills, knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, and ability to handle the vehicle.
  4. Obtain a medical certificate: You need to obtain a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner to prove that you are physically fit to drive a lorry.
  5. Apply for a job: Once you have obtained the necessary license and certification, you can apply for a job as a lorry driver. You can search for job vacancies online or through recruitment agencies.
  6. Gain experience: To become a skilled and experienced lorry driver, you need to gain experience by working in the industry. You can start by working for a transport company or as a freelance driver.
  7. Upgrade your skills: To advance your career as a lorry driver, you can upgrade your skills by attending training courses and obtaining additional certifications. This will help you to improve your driving skills, knowledge of safety regulations, and ability to handle different types of cargo.

By following these steps and continually honing your skills, you can become a successful x and make a meaningful impact in the field.


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