KALAM UMP: Login e-Learning Online for Students and Staff

Universiti Malaysia Pahang, officially named Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (abbreviated as UMPSA), is a public technical university located in Pahang, Malaysia. Established in 2002, UMP specializes in engineering, technology, and high-level Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs. UMP offers several online services to cater to its students’ educational needs including E-Learning through KALAM UMP.

KALAM UMP, also known as Knowledge & Learning Management System (KALAM), is an online Learning Management System (LMS) utilized by Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). It is a modern approaches to learning, particularly among the younger generation. KALAM hosts course information, learning materials, learning activities, and course assessments for students and faculty.

How to Login KALAM UMP?

To log in to KALAM UMP, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into the E-Community.
  2. Visit the KALAM login page.
  3. Enter your email address and password, the same credentials used for E-Community:
  • For staff: Your username should be formatted as {ecomusername}@ump.edu.my.
  • For students: Your username should be formatted as {ecomusername}@student.ump.edu.my.

Should you encounter an invalid login message, it might be due to a password mismatch. You can try changing your e-Comm password and use the new password to log in to KALAM. If further technical assistance is needed, you can contact the UMP ICT Helpdesk at 09-424 6464 for Pekan Campus or 09-549 2177 for Gambang Campus. Additionally, there are various guides and resources available on the CIReL UMP – KALAM Guidelines page that could assist you with logging in KALAM.

KALAM UMP Features

KALAM incorporates four primary features: course information, learning materials, learning activities, and course assessments. These features align with the blended learning mode, a component of Malaysia’s national e-learning agenda.

The development and operation of KALAM are guided by the Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara (DePAN) policy formulated by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education. It is integrated with UMP’s Academic Integrated Management System (IMS) concerning course offerings, enrollment, and user access. The use of KALAM commences at the start of each semester, with accessibility provided to both students and lecturers based on their course registration.

Lecturers have the capability to upload and update course materials and information. Throughout the semester, most activities involving students and lecturers are facilitated through KALAM. This platform is accessible via any web browser and also through a mobile application via the Moodle mobile application.

KALAM’s design also includes preparations for online learning materials and provides resources on Moodle design tips and tricks, highlighting its robust structure for digital content management.

Other UMP Learning Management Systems

UMP has other Learning Management Systems, including:

Online Courses

UMP provides online courses through a platform accessible at ilmu.umpadvanced.edu.my, offering a range of e-learning opportunities to students.

Professional & Continuing Education (UMP Advanced)

This platform offers advanced educational opportunities, possibly including online courses or programs, to cater to professional and continuing education needs.

Postgraduate Programs

UMP also offers Master and PhD programs, and while the mode of delivery isn’t specified on the official portal, universities often provide online or hybrid options for postgraduate studies.

Each of these platforms and programs contributes to UMP’s broader effort to facilitate accessible and flexible learning experiences. It aligns with modern educational trends and the needs of its student body.

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