Introvert In Malay

What is the meaning of introvert in Malay?

The meaning of introvert in Malay is “introvert” or “orang yang pendiam dan suka menyendiri”. It refers to someone who is quiet and enjoys spending time alone.

How do I use the word ‘introvert’ in Bahasa Melayu?

Here are some ‘contoh ayat’ that you can use:

1. Ali merupakan seorang introvert kerana dia lebih suka menghabiskan masa sendirian daripada bersosial dengan orang lain.
2. Siti adalah orang yang pendiam dan suka menyendiri, jadi dia dianggap sebagai seorang introvert.
3. Sebagai seorang introvert, Ahmad lebih selesa berada di rumah sambil membaca buku daripada pergi ke majlis sosial yang ramai.

What is the definition of ‘introvert’ in English?

An introvert is a person who tends to be more reserved and introspective, preferring to spend time alone or in small groups rather than in large social settings.

They may feel drained or overwhelmed by too much social interaction and may need time alone to recharge their energy. Introverts often enjoy activities that allow them to reflect and think deeply, such as reading, writing, or creative pursuits.

They may also be more sensitive to external stimuli, such as noise or bright lights, and may prefer quieter, more peaceful environments.

While introverts may not be as outgoing or talkative as extroverts, they can still be highly social and have close relationships with others.

It is important to recognize and respect the needs and preferences of introverts, as they can bring unique perspectives and strengths to any situation.

How do I pronounce the word introvert in British English?

The word “introvert” is pronounced as “IN-truh-vurt” in British English.

How do I use ‘introvert’ in a sentence in English?

Here are some examples that you can use ‘introvert’ in a sentence:

1. As an introvert, I prefer spending my weekends at home with a good book rather than going out to parties.
2. It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m just more of an introvert and need alone time to recharge.
3. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I’m shy or anti-social, it just means I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings.
4. As an introvert, I find it difficult to make small talk with strangers, but I excel in one-on-one conversations with close friends.
5. It’s important to understand that being an introvert is not a flaw or weakness, it’s simply a personality trait that should be respected and valued.

What are the related terms of ‘introvert’?

Here are other terms or similar words for ‘introvert’:

1. Shy
2. Reserved
3. Solitary
4. Quiet
5. Reflective
6. Thoughtful
7. Withdrawn
8. Contemplative
9. Self-contained
10. Introspective

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