How to Use TnG Reload PIN

TNG Reload PIN is a feature provided by Touch ‘n Go, a Malaysian-based company specialising in electronic payments and transaction services. This feature allows users to top up their TNG eWallet securely and conveniently.

Users purchase a TNG Reload PIN from specified outlets and enter this PIN into their eWallet app to increase their balance. It’s an easy and efficient way to ensure you always have funds for contactless transactions.

How much is TnG reload PIN?

Reload PINs, starting from as low as RM10 and going up to RM200 in value, offer a swift solution for a quick top-up while on-the-go.

Where to buy TnG reload PIN?

You can get these PINs for yourself or as a gift for friends and family from any 7-Eleven, 99 Speedmart, KK Super Mart, Shell, and Watsons near you.

How to use TnG reload PIN?

Here are the steps to enjoy the convenience of reloading with PINs:

  1. Purchase your reload PIN from the mentioned outlets and open the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app.
  2. Select ‘+Reload eWallet‘.
  3. Find and select ‘TNG Reload PIN‘ under the Other Methods to Reload section.
  4. Input your 10-digit TNG Reload PIN, hit ‘RELOAD NOW‘ and voila, you’re done!

You can check out the nearest stores to get reload PINs here.

What happens if I don’t reload TnG PIN?

If you do not reload your Touch ‘n Go (TnG) card or eWallet, either via PIN or other methods, you might be unable to use it for transactions, toll payments, public transportation, etc., due to insufficient funds.

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