How to Stop Auto Debit Agrobank?

Agrobank auto debit is a service provided by Agrobank, a Malaysian government-owned bank that specializes in agriculture financing.

This service allows customers to automate their loan repayments by authorising Agrobank to deduct the loan amount from their bank account on a predetermined date each month.

This service ensures timely and hassle-free loan repayments, eliminating customers needing to remember payment due dates and make manual payments.

Agrobank auto debit is a convenient and reliable service that helps customers manage their loan repayments efficiently.

How do I check my Agrobank recurring payment?

You can check your Agrobank recurring payment by logging into your Agrobank online banking account or by contacting Agrobank customer service.

How do I cancel auto debit on Agrobank?

You can follow these general steps to cancel auto debit on Agrobank:

1. Contact Agrobank customer service: Call Agrobank customer service at 1-300-88-2476 or visit your nearest Agrobank branch to request cancellation of auto debit.

2. Provide necessary information: Provide your account details and the reason for canceling the auto debit.

3. Confirm cancellation: Agrobank will confirm the cancellation of auto debit and provide you with a reference number for future reference.

4. Check your account: After the cancellation, check your account to ensure that the auto debit has been stopped.

Note: It is important to cancel auto debit before the next payment due date to avoid any unnecessary charges.

How can I check my Agrobank transaction history details?

You can check your Agrobank transaction history details by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Agrobank online banking account.
2. Click on the “Account” tab.
3. Select the account for which you want to view the transaction history.
4. Click on the “Transaction History” option.
5. Choose the date range for which you want to view the transactions.
6. Click on the “Search” button to view the transaction history.

You can also visit your nearest Agrobank branch and request for a printed copy of your transaction history.

How do I contact Agrobank Customer Service?

You can contact Agrobank Customer Service through the following channels:

1. Call their Customer Service Hotline at 1-300-88-2476 (AGRO) or +603-2731 1600 (for overseas calls).

2. Email them at [email protected].

3. Visit their website at and use the online contact form.

4. Visit any Agrobank branch near you and speak to their customer service representatives.

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