How to Download Bank Statement Bank Islam

Downloading a bank statement from Bank Islam involves an easy and straightforward process that can be done through online banking. As a Bank Islam customer, you do not need to visit a counter to get your Bank Islam statement. Instead, you can conveniently obtain it online through your Bank Islam internet banking account.

This service allows customers to access their financial transactions for a specific period. Customers can download and print the statement at their convenience, ensuring efficient management of their account and tracking of their economic activities. It is a secure and user-friendly service provided by Bank Islam for the benefit of its customers.

What is Bank Islam account statements?

An account statement refers to any document that shows an official summary of an account, no matter where that account is held. For example, an insurance company might provide an account statement summarising the cash value that has been paid.

Account statements can be generated for almost all types of accounts including online payment accounts like PayPal, credit card accounts, brokerage accounts, and savings accounts.

For Bank Islam statements, you can see:

  • The total inflow and outflow of your money
  • The source of your money
  • The type of expenses
  • The date of inflow and outflow of your money

How to subscribe and activate Bank Islam e-Statement?

If you get an online account statement (called an e-Statement) for the first time, you need to subscribe or activate it first.

  1. Log into your Bank Islam account at
  2. Click on ‘My Accounts
  3. Click on ‘e-Statement‘, then ‘Download
  4. Select ‘Maintenance
  5. Click on the ‘Terms and Conditions‘ confirmation box
  6. Click on the ‘Proceed‘ button
  7. Select the desired Account/Card
  8. Enter your email (the account statement will be sent to this email every month)
  9. Click on the ‘Proceed‘ button
  10. Click on the ‘Request i-Access Code‘ link
  11. Enter the code sent to your smartphone for verification
  12. Click ‘Confirm
  13. Done.

How to download bank statement Bank Islam?

To get your Bank Islam statement online, you first need to have activated your Bank Islam internet banking account.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Bank Islam account at
  2. Click on ‘My Accounts
  3. Click on ‘e-Statement‘, then ‘Download
  4. Select the desired Account/Card
  5. Select the month of the financial statement you want to download
  6. Click ‘Open‘ to view the account statement
  7. Then, click ‘Save‘ to download your Bank Islam statement
  8. Done.

To print the account statement, open the downloaded file on your computer and print as usual.

Why do I need a Bank Islam bank statement?

A Bank Islam bank statement may be needed for several reasons:

  1. Proof of Income: Bank statements are often used by individuals and businesses as proof of income. This can be helpful when applying for loans or credit cards.
  2. Financial Planning: Bank statements provide a detailed record of all transactions, making them very useful for budgeting and financial planning.
  3. Record Keeping: Bank Islam bank statements serve as an official record for all your financial transactions. They can be used for personal reference or in case of any disputes about payments.
  4. Tax Purposes: Bank statements are often required when filing taxes to provide evidence of income and expenses.
  5. Loan or Mortgage Application: When applying for a loan or mortgage, lenders often require bank statements to assess your financial stability and ability to repay the loan.
  6. Rental Applications: When applying to rent a property, landlords or property management companies may require bank statements to verify income and financial stability.
  7. Fraud Detection: Regularly reviewing your bank statement can help you spot any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

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