How to Check XOX Prepaid Balance?

XOX prepaid balance is a mobile prepaid service offered by XOX Mobile, a telecommunications company based in Malaysia.

It allows users to purchase a certain amount of credit in advance, which can be used for making calls, sending SMS, and using data services.

The prepaid balance can be topped up easily through various channels such as online banking, ATM, and retail outlets. XOX prepaid balance offers affordable rates and flexible packages to suit the needs of different users.

It also provides various value-added services such as international roaming, mobile internet, and entertainment content.

XOX prepaid balance is a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected on the go.

How do I check my XOX Prepaid data balance?

To check your XOX Prepaid data balance, follow these steps:

1. Dial *150# from your XOX Prepaid mobile number and press the call button.
2. A menu will appear on your screen. Select “Check Balance” or the corresponding number for that option.
3. Press the “Send” or “OK” button to confirm your selection.
4. You will receive an SMS or a pop-up message displaying your remaining data balance and other account details.

You can also check your data balance through the XOX Self-Care Portal or the XOX Mobile app.

Just log in with your XOX Prepaid account credentials and navigate to the balance or usage section.

How long does XOX Prepaid last?

XOX Prepaid validity depends on the specific plan or package you choose. Some plans may last for a week, while others can last for a month or more.

It’s essential to check the details of the specific XOX Prepaid plan you are interested in to determine its validity period.

How do I check my XOX account status?

You can check your XOX account status by logging into your account on the XOX website or mobile app.

Once you are logged in, you should be able to view your account details, including your account balance, usage history, and other relevant information.

If you are having trouble accessing your account or need further assistance, you can contact XOX customer support for help.

How do I contact XOX Customer Service?

You can try the following options:

1. Visit the XOX website and look for a “Contact Us” or “Support” page. There may be a phone number, email address, or live chat option available.

2. Check XOX’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for contact information or to send a message.

3. If you are a XOX subscriber, you can try calling their customer service hotline or sending a message through their mobile app.

4. If all else fails, try doing a web search for “XOX Customer Service” to see if there are any third-party resources or forums that can provide contact information or assistance.

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