How To Check Unclaimed Money In Malaysia

How do you locate and claim unclaimed money in Malaysia using an online platform provided by the government?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process.

How to check unclaimed money in Malaysia

Here is the process to check whether you have any unclaimed money in Malaysia:

  1. Access the eGUMIS portal at
  2. Register online as a new user
  3. Log into the portal using your registration password
  4. Update your user information
  5. Click ‘SEARCH FOR UNCLAIMED MONIES‘ and enter your identification or company registration number to find unclaimed money and print out any relevant details
  6. Print your results, if necessary
  7. Done

Who Qualifies to Claim Unclaimed Money in Malaysia?

As per Section 13(1) of the Unclaimed Monies Act 1965, any claimant who can demonstrate rightful ownership of the unclaimed money can be authorized for payment by the Registrar.

Is There A Deadline to Apply for Unclaimed Money?

The Registrar does not enforce any deadline for claiming unclaimed money. The rightful owner can apply at their convenience.

Does the Registrar Have a Minimum Claim Amount?

The Registrar has not established a minimum claim amount for unclaimed money.

Are There Any Charges for Unclaimed Money Applications?

Applicants will not be charged for submitting claims for unclaimed money to the Registrar.

Does the Registrar Pay Interest on Unclaimed Money?

Under Section 11(3) of the Unclaimed Monies Act 1965, payments are based on the amount submitted to the Registrar by the company or firm, with no added interest.

Does the Registrar Appoint Agents for Managing Unclaimed Money Applications?

The Registrar of Unclaimed Monies does not delegate the management of unclaimed money claims to any companies, firms, or individuals.

How Can Third Parties or Agents Access Unclaimed Money Information?

As per Section 10A of the Unclaimed Monies Act, the Registrar submits UM records to Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) for gazetting. Once gazetted, these records become public. However, the Registrar and the Ministry of Finance do not appoint agents to manage unclaimed money.

What’s the Process for Gazetting Unclaimed Money?

According to Section 10A (1) of the Unclaimed Monies Act 1965, companies or firms must submit their unclaimed money register (UMA3) to the Registrar for gazetting by PNMB. Gazetted records are then kept at the National Library for public reference.

Can All Unclaimed Money Records Be Accessed and Claimed via the eGUMIS Portal?

Only gazetted unclaimed money records can be viewed and claimed through the eGUMIS portal.

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