How to Check Saman Online

“Saman” is a term used in Malaysia for a summon or fine, typically for traffic offences. Checking saman online involves accessing a specific platform or website, typically PDRM and JPJ websites, where traffic offences are recorded.

You must input certain information, such as their vehicle registration or driving license number, to view any outstanding traffic fines or summonses (saman) associated with their name or vehicle. It is a simple, quick and convenient process that can be done anywhere with internet access.

How to check saman PDRM on MyBayar Saman?

The recently launched digital service, MyBayar Saman, aims to make it easier for users to pay traffic fines directly to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) online. Here’s how to check your fines at the MyBayar Saman portal:

  1. Visit the MyBayarSaman portal:
  2. Click on the ‘NEW USER SIGN UP‘ button to register MyBayar.
  3. Fill in your details and verify using OTP.
  4. Log in once registration is completed.
  5. Check your fines first to know the total amount to be paid.
  6. Done.

How to check saman JPJ through the official JPJ website?

JPJ and AES fines can be checked through the official JPJ website at Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the ID Category and enter your ID number OR your ID and Vehicle Registration Number.
  2. A list of fines will be displayed if your name and vehicle are recorded in the system.
  3. For any inquiries or complaints, please call the hotline at 03-8000 8000.
  4. Done.

How to check saman through MYeG System?

Checking fines with MyEG is one of the easiest and fastest methods as you can also make payment directly if there are fines to be settled. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official MyEG Services Berhad website:
  2. For Registered MyEG Users, you can login directly with your username and password.
  3. First-time users need to register their details before checking fines.
  4. Click ‘Register Now‘.
  5. Fill in all the requested personal details in the form that appears.
  6. Once completed, click ‘Submit‘ and log in using your username and password.
  7. Choose the tab to check police traffic fines (PDRM).
  8. Enter your IC/Company Number/Vehicle plate number and click ‘Submit‘.
  9. A list of fines will be displayed if your vehicle is recorded as having committed an offence.
  10. If you want to pay the fine, you can choose to pay using a credit/debit card or online banking.
  11. If you choose online banking, a list of selected banks will be displayed for you to make payment.
  12. For records and copies, all transactions can be viewed in each user’s MyEG account profile.
  13. For any inquiries or complaints, please call the hotline at 03-7664 8000.
  14. Done.

How to get a saman discount?

Usually, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), not the Road Transport Department (JPJ), offers discounts or promotions to encourage the public to settle their fines.

To get this information, we need to be aware of the announcements issued by them. To get the latest updates on police fine discounts, follow the official Royal Malaysia Police Facebook page.

What happen if I don’t pay my saman?

If you don’t pay your saman, either PDRM or JPJ, you may face these consequences:

  1. Blacklisting: The Road Transport Department (JPJ) may blacklist you, which will prevent you from renewing your driving license or road tax.
  2. Legal Action: In some serious cases, legal action may be taken against you which could lead to a court summons.
  3. Increased Fines: Some fines increase over time if they are not paid.
  4. Travel Restrictions: You may experience issues if you’re travelling, as unpaid fines could result in being detained at immigration checkpoints.
  5. Vehicle Seizure: Authorities could potentially seize your vehicle until the fine is paid.
  6. Impact on Credit Score: Unpaid fines, especially those that lead to legal action, might impact your credit score and make it harder to obtain loans or credit.

Always remember to pay your saman on time to avoid these consequences.

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