How to Check PTPTN Loan Amount

Checking the PTPTN loan amount involves accessing the PTPTN website to view your loan status. You can verify your outstanding loan balance, repayment status, and other related information.

This process requires you to log into your account on the website, which is intended to provide transparency and ease of management for your student loan repayment.

How to check PTPTN loan amount?

The PTPTN Online Statement displays your current loan balance, arrears, monthly installments, and each repayment transaction you’ve made. Thus, you can check your balance at any time without having to deal with PTPTN directly.

Follow these easy steps to access the PTPTN portal and check your loan balance online:

  1. Visit the PTPTN Portal: First, visit the main PTPTN portal at and click on the ‘Loan Statement Check‘ icon.
  2. Enter Your Identification Number: Fill in the complete borrower’s identification number in the space provided. Click ‘Check‘ to proceed.
  3. Enter Your Password: Then enter your password. If you forget, click ‘Forgot Password‘ to get a new password via email. For first-time users, you need to contact PTPTN to get a temporary password sent to your email.
  4. Checking Your Statement: Once you have successfully logged in, your PTPTN balance will be displayed in two options through the ‘Balance Statement‘ or ‘Detailed Balance Statement‘ icon.

How to pay PTPTN loan repayment via Direct Debit?

To make repayments via direct debit, you need to:

  1. Have a Current / Savings Account from the following banks and be registered for electronic banking services.
  2. Have a Loan Account (Loan Repayment) with PTPTN.
  3. For Loan Repayments, you are required to know your loan account type, whether it’s an Islamic loan account (Ujrah) or a conventional loan account.
  4. Successful transactions will be updated in the loan statement within 3 working days.

How to apply for PTPTN loan repayment deferment?

Did you know that besides checking your PTPTN loan balance online, there are various other e-Services accessible to borrowers? If a borrower has issues making repayments, they can:

  1. Apply for a deferment of PTPTN loan repayment; or
  2. Apply for Rescheduling / Restructuring of Monthly Installment Payments

Here is additional information on how to make these two applications.

Applying for PTPTN deferment

As a borrower, you can submit a request for a PTPTN loan deferment for certain reasons, such as a loss of income or financial difficulties.

The documents required for this process are as follows:

  • An official deferment request letter or a deferment application form, which can be obtained from the Official PTPTN Portal.
  • A copy of your study offer letter.
  • A copy of a new sponsorship offer letter (if you receive sponsorship from a party other than PTPTN or if you are continuing your studies abroad).
  • A confirmation letter of the end of studies from your Higher Education Institution (if this information is not included in the offer letter).
  • Copies of transcripts and certificates for completed levels of study (if relevant).

Please note that only complete applications will be processed, and routine charges will still apply during the deferment period.

Applying for cheduling/restructuring PTPTN loan repayments

To reduce the burden of monthly repayment installments, borrowers can also opt for repayment scheduling or restructuring.

Repayment scheduling is a method that allows borrowers to reschedule their Repayment Schedule (JBB) to settle their debts within a set repayment period.

Restructuring, on the other hand, is a method that allows borrowers to change the structure of their JBB and set monthly installments based on their financial capability.

Through this method, the repayment period can be extended until the borrower reaches the age of 60.

How to contact PTPTN?

We hope this information helps borrowers manage their PTPTN loan balance checks online more smoothly. Please follow PTPTN’s social media on Facebook for timely responses to questions through direct messages. You can also call the Careline number or use the e-Complaint iCare on the official PTPTN portal. Any inquiries can also be made through various other channels by mail at the following address:

National Higher Education Fund Corporation,
Ground Floor, PTPTN Tower,
Block D, Megan Avenue II,
No.12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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