How to Check Hotlink Prepaid Balance

Hotlink prepaid balance refers to the amount of credit or money available in a prepaid account. Hotlink is a prepaid mobile service provider in Malaysia. Customers can purchase prepaid plans that come with a certain amount of credit.

The Hotlink prepaid balance can be used to make calls, send SMS, and access the internet. Customers can check their Hotlink prepaid balance by dialling a specific code or using the Hotlink app. You may also need to confirm and review your Hotlink number if you can’t remember.

How to check Hotlink number? To check your Hotlink number, you can follow a variety of methods:

Dial USSD Codes

  • Dial *131*1# on your mobile phone to check your Hotlink number.
  • Alternatively, dial *100# from your Maxis SIM card, select ‘1’ for ‘Balance & Validity,’ enter ‘4’ and press send to view your Hotlink number and subscriber details.
  • You can also dial *139# to check your mobile number.

Text Messaging

  • Send a text message with the text “CHECKID” to 20000 to check your Hotlink number.
  • For balance inquiries which might include your number, send an SMS with the word ‘balance’ to 28811.
  • Download and open the Hotlink app on your smartphone, log in to your account using your Hotlink phone number and password.
  • Your Hotlink number should be displayed once you’re logged in.
  • You can ‘semak baki Hotlink‘ inside the app.

Online Account

  • Log into your Hotlink online account.
  • Look for the My Number tab to find your Hotlink number

Customer Service

  • Call the Hotlink customer service hotline and follow the prompts.
  • A representative should be able to provide you with your Hotlink number after verifying your account details.


  • Visit any authorized Maxis official store in Malaysia for assistance in checking your Hotlink number. You can also check Maxis balance.

Once you have you Hotink number, you can check your data balance.

To check your Hotlink Prepaid data balance, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Hotlink app on your smartphone. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Log in to your account using your Hotlink phone number and password.
  3. Once logged in, you will see your data balance on the main screen of the app.

You can also check your data balance by dialing *100# on your Hotlink prepaid phone and following the on-screen instructions to view your data balance.

Hotlink Prepaid validity depends on the plan and the amount of credit you have purchased. Typically, the validity period ranges from 5 days to 30 days or more.

To ensure your Hotlink Prepaid account remains active, reload your credit before the validity period expires. If you do not reload within the grace period, your account may be deactivated, and you may lose your mobile number.

It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of your Hotlink Prepaid plan for accurate information on validity and expiration.

Checking your Hotlink expiry date is important. Failure to do so, you may encounter Hotlink service disruption. To check the expiry date of your Hotlink prepaid account, you have a few methods:

USSD Codes

  • Dial *100# from your phone, follow the prompts to the account or validity information sections. This method was mentioned across several sources and seems to be a common way to access account information including validity details.
  • If you have the Hotlink Red app installed on your smartphone, you can check the expiry date of your Hotlink prepaid number. Once logged in, select the prepaid number registered under your details at the left top corner in the app to view the validity or the active period for the prepaid number.

365 Days Active Period Pass

  • If you purchase the 365 Days Active Period pass for RM30 via the Hotlink app, your account/SIM will remain active for 365 days from the day of purchase. You can check the active date through the app.

Top Up Validity

  • Each time you top up RM10 or above, your account/SIM will remain active for 30 days from the day of top-up. This can also be a way to keep track of your account’s active period.

Each method might offer different information, so it may be beneficial to try multiple methods to get a comprehensive understanding of your account’s expiry date.

You can check your Hotlink account status by logging into your Hotlink account on the Hotlink website or mobile app.

Once you are logged in, you should be able to view your account details, including your account status. You can contact Hotlink customer service for assistance.

You can contact Hotlink Customer Service through the following channels:

  1. Hotline: Dial 123 from your Hotlink number or 1-300-82-1123 from any other number.
  2. Live Chat: Visit the Hotlink website and click on the “Chat with Us” button to start a live chat with a customer service representative.
  3. Email: Send an email to [email protected] with your query or complaint.
  4. Social Media: Reach out to Hotlink on their social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Hotlink RED App: Download the Hotlink RED App and use the in-app chat feature to contact customer service.

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