How to Check Digi Prepaid Balance

Digi prepaid balance refers to the amount of credit or money available in a Digi prepaid account. Digi is a telecommunications company that offers prepaid mobile phone plans, allowing users to pay for their usage in advance.

The prepaid balance can be used to make calls, send messages, and access the internet. It is important to maintain a sufficient balance to avoid service interruptions. Digi also offers various top-up options to add credit to the prepaid account.

How do I check my Digi Prepaid credit balance?

To check your Digi Prepaid credit balance, you can dial *124# and follow the instructions to check your balance.

You can also check your balance by logging into the MyDigi app and selecting the “Check Balance” option.

Alternatively, you can also call 016-221 1800 for free from your Digi Prepaid number and follow the voice prompt to check your balance.

How do I check my Digi Prepaid data balance?

To check your Digi Prepaid data balance, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “MyDigi” app on your smartphone. If you don’t have the app, download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register your account.
  2. Log in to your MyDigi account.
  3. On the main screen, your data balance is displayed under “Internet” or “Data Usage.”
  4. Alternatively, you can dial *200*2# on your phone and press the call button. A pop-up message will appear, showing your remaining data balance.

Remember that the methods may vary slightly depending on your device and the version of the MyDigi app you are using.

How long does Digi Prepaid last?

Digi Prepaid validity depends on the specific plan and the amount of credit you have purchased.

Some plans offer 30 days of validity, while others may last up to 365 days.

Please check the terms and conditions of your specific Digi Prepaid plan to determine its validity period.

You can extend the validity by topping up your credit before the current validity expires.

How do I check my Digi account status?

You can check your Digi account status by logging into your Digi account on their website or mobile app.

Once logged in, you should be able to view your account details, including your account status.

You can contact Digi customer service for assistance.

How do I contact Digi Customer Service?

To contact Digi Customer Service, you can:

  1. Call their hotline at +6016-2211 800 (from Malaysia) or +6016-299 0000 (from abroad).
  2. Send an email to [email protected].
  3. Use the Live Chat feature on their website:
  4. Reach out to them on social media platforms like Facebook ( or Twitter (
  5. Visit a Digi Store or Digi Store Express near you. You can find the nearest store using their store locator:

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