How to Calculate CGPA UiTM

Calculating CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) in UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) involves a specific process where each grade you receive in your courses is converted into points and then averaged over your total number of courses to give a numerical representation of your academic performance.

This process is critical for assessing students’ academic progress and eligibility for certain programs. It’s important to note that UiTM has its own grading scale, so the calculation might differ slightly from other institutions.

Difference Between GPA and CGPA

Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference between the terms GPA and CGPA. GPA stands for Grade Point Average, while CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

In simple terms, GPA is your pointer for a particular semester, while CGPA is cumulative – it’s the addition of your GPA points for every semester up to the current one.

UiTM CGPA Grades and Scores

Each score obtained in each subject will be given a grade and pointer. Different universities may use different grades and pointers. The following are the grades and pointers used by UiTM.

Calculating GPA: An Example

Assume these are your Semester 1 exam results:

SubjectCreditGradeGrade Point ValueTotal Grade Points
Subject 13B3.09.0
Subject 23B3.09.0
Subject 33A-3.711.1
Subject 42A-3.77.4
Subject 52B-2.75.4
Subject 62B-2.75.4
Subject 72B+3.36.6

To calculate the GPA for Semester 1:

GPA = (Sum of Total Grade Points) / (Sum of Credits)

GPA: 3.17 (Sem 1)

Calculating CGPA at UiTM: An Example

Once you understand how to calculate GPA, calculating your CGPA becomes much easier.

CGPA = Sum of all Total Grade Points for all semesters / Sum of all credits for all semesters

Here’s an example of UiTM grades and grade point values:

GradeGrade Point Value

The credit value is usually between 1.00 – 12.00.

To calculate CGPA for Semester 1:
For the first semester, the CGPA and GPA values are the same because the average is calculated based on the results of only one semester, Semester 1. Therefore, CGPA = GPA for the first semester only.

CGPA = Sum of all Total Grade Points for all semesters / Sum of all credits for all semesters

CGPA = 53.90 / 17
CGPA Sem 1 = 3.17

To calculate CGPA for Semester 2:
In the second semester, the CGPA value is obtained by getting the average for the results of both Semester 1 and 2.

CGPA = Sum of all Total Grade Points for all semesters / Sum of all credits for all semesters

CGPA = 53.90 + 41.50 / (17 + 15)
CGPA Sem 2 = 2.98

To calculate CGPA for Semester 3, simply apply the same formula. The crucial part is to consider both the total grade points for the current semester and the subsequent ones, as well as the total credits.

Example: Total Grade Points for Sem 3 = 60.00
Total credits for Sem 3 = 15

CGPA Sem 3 = 53.90 + 41.50 + 60.00 / (17 + 15 + 15)
CGPA Sem 3 = 155.40 / 47 = 3.306 (Round off to 2 decimal points)
CGPA Sem 3 = 3.31

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