How To Activate BSN Online Banking

For those accessing this platform for the first time, you should click on the link provided on the BSN First Time Registration page.

Once done, only you can read this guide on activating BSN online banking. But if you’re leaving the country, please activate BSN Debit Card for overseas use.

Can I activate BSN online banking without registration?

No, you cannot activate BSN online banking without registration.

First, you need to register for their online banking service before you can activate and use it.

In order to proceed with the registration process, you are required to enter your personal credentials.

This includes your Debit or Credit Card Number, your unique PIN (which is only applicable for Debit Card users), the expiry date of your card, and your CVV2.

Next, you will be asked to provide some additional identification details such as your New IC, Old IC, or Passport Number.

You will need to set up a new User ID.

This step also involves requesting and entering a One-Time-Password (OTP) for security reasons.

After this, select a security image of your choice.

This concludes the registration process.

How to activate BSN online banking?

After successfully registering with myBSN, then only you’re allowed to activate BSN online banking.

You are now able to access your account listings through the Account Overview Menu.

For your online transaction banking to commence, a one-time verification is necessary.

To activate your myBSN access, you have a couple of options. You can either visit the nearest BSN branch for assistance.

Alternatively, you can call the BSN Contact Centre at 1-300-88-1900. If you are overseas, the contact number is +603-2613 1900.

How to reactivate BSN online account?

To reactivate your BSN online account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) at
  2. Click on the “Internet Banking” option from the top menu.
  3. If you can remember your user ID and password, enter them and click on “Login”. If not, click on “Forgot User ID or Password”.
  4. If you click on “Forgot User ID or Password”, you will be asked to enter your registered mobile number or email address to receive a verification code or link.
  5. Once you receive the verification code on your mobile or email, enter it on the website.
  6. If your account is locked due to too many failed login attempts, you might have to contact the BSN customer service at 1300 88 1900 or visit the nearest BSN branch to get it unlocked.
  7. After you have successfully logged in, you can change your password for security purposes.

Please remember that these steps may vary slightly based on the bank’s current website design and security measures.

Therefore, if you face any difficulties, it is best to contact BSN’s customer service directly.

Always be cautious of phishing attempts and ensure you are on the bank’s official website before entering any personal information.

Is there any mobile app for BSN online banking?

No, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) does not offer any mobile app for myBSN for retail customer.

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