Government Link Investment Companies In Malaysia

A government-linked investment company (GLIC) is a type of investment company that is owned or controlled by a government or a government agency. GLICs are typically established to manage and invest government funds, such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and other public assets.

They may also invest in private companies and other assets to generate returns for the government. GLICs are often subject to government oversight and may have the mandate to support national economic development goals. Examples of GLICs worldwide include Temasek Holdings in Singapore, Khazanah Nasional in Malaysia, and the China Investment Corporation.

What are the government-linked investment companies in Malaysia?

This list of GLIC entities is defined by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (“MOF”), which is:

  1. Minister of Finance (Incorporated) [MOF (Inc.)]
  2. Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah)
  3. Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
  4. Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH)
  5. Armed Forces Fund Board
  6. Retirement Fund (Incorporated)
  7. Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)

Any other entities that may be specified by MOF from time to time.

How do I choose to do intern or work with the GLICs in Malaysia?

Here are some tips on how to choose the best government-linked investment companies in Malaysia:

  1. Research: Conduct thorough research on the investment companies you are interested in. Look at their track record, investment strategies, and performance over the years.
  2. Reputation: Check the reputation of the investment companies. Look for reviews and feedback from their clients and stakeholders.
  3. Transparency: Choose an investment company that is transparent in its operations and investment decisions. Look for companies that disclose their investment portfolios and performance regularly.
  4. Expertise: Look for investment companies that have a team of experienced and knowledgeable investment professionals. Check their credentials and experience in managing investments.
  5. Diversification: Choose an investment company that has a diversified portfolio of investments. This will help reduce the risk of losses and increase the chances of returns.
  6. Regulatory compliance: Choose an investment company that is regulated by the relevant authorities in Malaysia. This will ensure that the company operates within the legal framework and adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Here are some factors that could make a good government-linked investment company in Malaysia:

  1. Strong financial performance: A good government-linked investment company should have a strong track record of financial performance, including consistent profitability and growth.
  2. Diversified portfolio: A diversified portfolio of investments across different sectors and asset classes can help mitigate risks and maximize returns.
  3. Experienced management team: A competent and experienced management team can make sound investment decisions and navigate market volatility.
  4. Good governance practices: A good government-linked investment company should have transparent and accountable governance practices, including independent board oversight and effective risk management.
  5. Social responsibility: A commitment to social responsibility and sustainable investing can enhance the company’s reputation and contribute to long-term value creation.
  6. Strategic partnerships: Strategic partnerships with other companies and institutions can provide access to new investment opportunities and expertise.
  7. Alignment with national development goals: A good government-linked investment company should align its investment strategy with national development goals and contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

Here are some reasons why someone might choose a government-linked investment company to work with in Malaysia:

  1. Salary: GLICs are known for their high salary compared to the industry standards.
  2. Stability: Government-linked investment companies are often seen as more stable and secure than private investment companies because they are backed by the government.
  3. Access to government resources: Government-linked investment companies may have access to government resources, such as funding and support, which can be beneficial for their investments.
  4. Diversification: Government-linked investment companies often have a diverse portfolio of investments, which can help to spread risk and increase returns.
  5. Social responsibility: Government-linked investment companies may have a mandate to invest in socially responsible projects, which can be attractive to investors who prioritize ethical investing.
  6. Potential for higher returns: Government-linked investment companies may have access to exclusive investment opportunities that are not available to private investors, which can potentially lead to higher returns.

No, Government Link Investment Companies in Malaysia do not hire Malays only.

These companies generally have a diverse workforce and employ people based on their qualifications, experience and skills, regardless of race or ethnicity.

However, as with any company operating in Malaysia, they are subject to the country’s laws and regulations, which may include certain affirmative action policies to promote economic equity among all ethnic groups.

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