ERP Companies in Malaysia

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) company is a software vendor that provides businesses with integrated applications to manage and automate their core business processes, such as finance, human resources, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and more.

These applications are designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide real-time visibility into business performance. Some of the popular big companies that use ERP software include TM, Tenaga Nasional, Maxis, Celcom and many more.

How do I choose the best ERP companies in Malaysia?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best ERP companies in Malaysia:

1. Business Needs: Identify your business needs and requirements. Determine what features and functionalities you need in an ERP system to meet your business goals.

2. Scalability: Choose an ERP system that can grow with your business. Ensure that the system can handle increased data volumes, users, and transactions as your business expands.

3. Integration: Look for an ERP system that can integrate with your existing software and systems. This will help you avoid data silos and streamline your business processes.

4. User-Friendliness: Choose an ERP system that is easy to use and navigate. This will help reduce training costs and ensure that your employees can quickly adapt to the new system.

5. Support and Maintenance: Look for an ERP vendor that provides excellent customer support and maintenance services. This will ensure that your system is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

6. Cost: Consider the total cost of ownership, including licensing fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance and support costs. Choose an ERP system that fits within your budget and provides a good return on investment.

7. Reputation: Choose an ERP vendor with a good reputation in the market. Look for reviews and testimonials from other customers to gauge their experience with the system and vendor.

List of ERP software companies in Malaysia

  1. SAP Malaysia
  2. Oracle Corporation Malaysia
  3. Infor Global Solutions Malaysia
  4. Microsoft Dynamics Malaysia
  5. IFS Malaysia
  6. Epicor Software Malaysia
  7. Sage Software Malaysia
  8. SYSPRO Malaysia
  9. QAD Malaysia
  10. Ramco Systems Malaysia
  11. UNIT4 Asia Pacific Malaysia
  12. Focus Softnet Malaysia
  13. CREST Business Solutions Malaysia
  14. Netsense Business Solutions Malaysia
  15. HashMicro Malaysia
  16. Deskera Malaysia
  17. AutoCount Malaysia
  18. Tigernix Malaysia
  19. Axxis Consulting Malaysia
  20. I-Concept Solutions Malaysia

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other ERP companies operating in Malaysia.

Some of these companies may have their headquarters in other countries but maintain a presence or local office in Malaysia.

What makes a good ERP company in Malaysia?

Here are some factors that can make a good ERP company in Malaysia:

1. Experience: A good ERP company should have a proven track record of successful ERP implementations in Malaysia.

2. Customization: The company should be able to customize the ERP system to meet the specific needs of the client’s business.

3. Support: The company should provide excellent customer support, including training, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

4. Integration: The ERP system should be able to integrate with other software and systems used by the client’s business.

5. Security: The company should have robust security measures in place to protect the client’s data.

6. Scalability: The ERP system should be scalable to accommodate the growth of the client’s business.

7. User-friendly: The ERP system should be easy to use and navigate, with a user-friendly interface.

8. Cost-effective: The company should offer competitive pricing for their ERP system and services.

9. Industry-specific expertise: The company should have expertise in the client’s industry to provide tailored solutions.

10. Innovation: The company should be up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in ERP systems to provide innovative solutions to their clients.

Why ERP software is important in Malaysia?

There are several reasons why ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is important in Malaysia:

1. Streamlined Business Processes: ERP systems help to streamline business processes by integrating various departments and functions within an organization. This leads to better communication, collaboration, and coordination among different teams, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

2. Improved Data Management: ERP systems provide a centralized database that stores all the data related to an organization’s operations. This makes it easier to access and manage data, leading to better decision-making and improved business performance.

3. Compliance with Regulations: Malaysia has several regulations and laws that businesses need to comply with. ERP systems help to ensure compliance by providing tools for tracking and reporting on various regulatory requirements.

4. Better Customer Service: ERP systems provide real-time access to customer data, enabling businesses to respond quickly to customer inquiries and requests. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Competitive Advantage: Implementing an ERP system can give businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve customer service. This can help businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and grow their market share.

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