ePSH Online: Login, Apply Lifelong Learning Program

ePSH is a Lifelong Learning system that is accessible online. This ‘Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat’ system is offered at Polytechnic institutions and Community Colleges in Malaysia.

It’s part of the initiatives taken to facilitate and manage lifelong learning programs and courses at these institutions.

How to login ePSH?

The ePSH platform is associated with the Ministry of Higher Education. To login to the ePSH platform, please refer to the following guide:

  1. Go to the URL https://app.mypolycc.edu.my/epsh/poli/.
  2. On the page, you’ll find a login section.
  3. Input your login credentials in the appropriate fields.
  4. Input ‘Pengguna‘.
  5. Input ‘Kata Laluan‘.
  6. Click on the ‘Login‘ button to access the platform.
  7. Done.

Please ensure that you have an authorized account to access this platform. If you’re having trouble logging in, you might want to contact the platform’s support or the administrative office of your institution for assistance.

How to apply ePSH?

To apply or enroll in ePSH, you should visit the ePSH Borang (Form) page on the official JPPKK website.

For a detailed guide on application or enrollment, contact the respective administrative personnel at the Polytechnic or Community College you are interested in or JPPKK directly.

What is ePSH?

ePSH is an electronic system related to lifelong learning at polytechnics and community colleges in Malaysia. It has various functionalities like application and management of lifelong learning programs and courses at these institutions.

What is JPPKK?

JPPKK stands for “Jabatan Pendidikan Politeknik & Kolej Komuniti,” which translates to the Polytechnic & Community College Education Department in Malaysia. This department operates under the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and is responsible for overseeing the education provided at polytechnics and community colleges.

In the context of ePSH JPPKK, it represents a collaboration where the ePSH system is utilised and managed by the JPPKK to foster and work lifelong learning within Malaysia’s polytechnic and community college educational framework.

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