Concierge In Malay

What is the meaning of concierge in Malay?

The meaning of “concierge” in Malay is “penjaga pintu” or “pengawal pintu.”

It refers to a person who assists guests or residents in a hotel or apartment building, providing services such as making reservations, arranging transportation, and offering recommendations for local attractions.

How do I use the word ‘concierge’ in Bahasa Melayu?

Here are some ‘contoh ayat’ that you can use:

1. Penjaga pintu di hotel ini sangat membantu, dia selalu memberikan idea tempat-tempat menarik di sekitar sini.
2. Jika anda memerlukan bantuan untuk membuat tempahan atau mengatur perjalanan ke mana-mana tempat, anda boleh meminta bantuan dari pengawal pintu di hotel ini.
3. Sebagai penjaga pintu, tugas saya adalah membantu para tetamu dan penghuni dengan memberikan informasi tentang restoran terdekat di tempat ini.

What is the definition of ‘concierge’ in English?

A concierge is a person who is employed by a hotel, apartment building, or other establishment to assist guests or residents with various tasks and requests.

The role of a concierge is to provide personalized service and make the guest or resident’s stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Some of the tasks that a concierge may assist with include making restaurant reservations, booking transportation, arranging for tours or activities, providing directions or recommendations for local attractions, and handling special requests such as arranging for flowers or gifts to be delivered.

In addition to these tasks, a concierge may also be responsible for handling administrative duties such as answering phones, managing mail and packages, and coordinating with other staff members to ensure that guests or residents have everything they need.

Overall, the role of a concierge is to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that guests or residents have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

How do I pronounce the word concierge in British English?

The word concierge is pronounced “kon-see-airzh” in British English.

How do I use ‘concierge’ in a sentence in English?

Here are some examples that you can use ‘concierge’ in a sentence:

1. The concierge at the hotel was extremely helpful in recommending local restaurants and attractions.
2. As a concierge, it is my job to ensure that all guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
3. The concierge desk is located in the lobby and is available 24/7 for any guest inquiries or requests.
4. The concierge arranged for a private tour of the city for the VIP guests.
5. The concierge service at the luxury apartment complex includes grocery delivery, dry cleaning, and pet care.

What are the related terms of ‘concierge’?

Here are other terms or similar words for ‘concierge’:

1. Hospitality
2. Personalized service
3. Guest services
4. Luxury amenities
5. VIP treatment
6. Customer service
7. Travel assistance
8. Event planning
9. Lifestyle management
10. Exclusive access

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