Cashout eBelia Rahmah Credit

Now, you have done claiming the eBelia Rahmah via Boost, Setel or TnG. Now, you may prefer cash instead of credits.

How to cashout eBelia or withdraw it to the bank? Is that possible? It’s quite an old story, but let us share with you.

Can I cashout eBelia to bank?

No, you cannot cash out eBelia to the bank. The eBelia Rahmah credit also cannot be used for peer-to-peer transfers. You’ll need to use it according to the instructions given by the government.

Why I cannot cash out eBelia?

The eBelia initiative is designed to stimulate economic growth and encourage digital adoption among Malaysian youths.

It specifically targets eligible Malaysians aged 18 to 20 years old or full-time students at higher learning institutions.

Even though the eBelia credit cannot be transferred or withdrawn, the credit can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing offline goods and services, which is valid at participating merchants and service providers.

As the eBelia credit is meant to benefit the youth and support local businesses, the government has imposed certain restrictions to ensure its proper utilisation. Hence, no cash allowed.

Why limiting on how eBelia on credits only?

By limiting the use of the credit to specific merchants and service providers, the government aims to channel the funds towards sectors that are in dire need of economic recovery.

This, in turn, will contribute to the overall growth and development of the Malaysian economy while promoting digital adoption among the younger generation.

So, eligible eBelia recipients need to use the eBelia credit wisely and within the stipulated guidelines to maximise its intended benefits.

Is there a service that allow me to cashout eBelia?

No, there’s no official service that allows you to cash out eBelia credit.

But we’ve heard that there’s quite a handful of individuals who provide the services to cashout eBelia with service charge.

The service charge may go as low as RM5 – RM10.

So, if you received RM200 credits in your e-Wallet, you need to transfer them to their e-Wallet. Then only they transfer back RM195 into your chosen bank account such as Maybank or CIMB.

Can I trust the service that provides the cash-out service of eBelia?

We strongly discourage this kind of activities because it’s vulnerable and open to scam. Even your close friends offering this kind of service, do not trust 100%.

It’s better for you to spend it to a lot of available merchants.

Be careful.

Don’t be a victim.

What is the ‘hukum’ of cashing out eBelia? Is it haram?

Yes, it is haram.

According to Amanz, cashing out eBelia violates the purpose and terms set by the government.

Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri (former Mufti WP), stated that if an eBelia grant is bound by agreement terms, it must be complied with. It is forbidden for individuals receiving the aid to use the RM200 in a prohibited manner.

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