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Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) is a government-owned bank located in Malaysia. It was established on December 1, 1974, under the purview of the Minister of Finance at the time, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. BSN provides banking services across Malaysia’s urban, rural, and remote communities. BSN operates through an extensive network of branches and BSN Banking Agents (EB BSN) to enhance financial inclusivity and improve Malaysians’ well-being and quality of life.

myBSN, also called BSN Online, is the banking platform Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) provides. Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) offers online banking services, allowing customers to manage their finances conveniently from anywhere. BSN makes a considerable effort to ensure that its services are easily accessible and convenient, promoting a simple and convenient lifestyle for its customers.

Features and Services of BSN Online Banking

Using BSN online lets you quickly check your balance, transfer funds, and pay bills. All these services are just a click away, reachable through the myBSN portal.

You’ll need an ATM card and a registered phone number to get started. Once you’re registered, you can access your account anytime, anywhere. If you’re transferring funds to a third party, note that there’s a daily limit of RM10,000.

BSN online is a platform designed to save time and provide convenient banking including:

  • Balance Inquiry: Stay updated with your account balances and transaction history whenever you want
  • Funds Transfer: Move funds seamlessly between your accounts or to other bank accounts, including Maybank, RHB, Affin, Bank Islam, CIMB, and Public Bank​
  • Bill Payment: Pay your utility bills without the hassle of long queues​
  • Credit Card Payment: Manage your credit card payments effortlessly​
  • SSP Purchase
  • PIN Purchase

BSN Online Banking Eligibility

To be eligible for BSN online banking, individuals must already be BSN customers, possessing either a BSN ATM, Debit, or Credit Card. This ensures that only those with a pre-existing banking relationship with BSN can access the online banking facilities. This is to provide a layer of security and exclusivity.

There’s an age requirement where individuals must be 18 or older to enrol in myBSN Internet Banking. This age restriction aligns with the legal age of adulthood, ensuring that only adults can manage a myBSN Internet Banking account. It is a necessity for a level of maturity and responsibility.

BSN Online Registration Process

To register myBSN, please make sure you have a BSN ATM card and the phone number registered to it. Visit the MyBSN website and click on ‘Register’. Accept the terms and conditions, then enter your card information. Upon successful registration, log in using your new username and password. You’ll be asked to fill in personal data. Once completed, you can start using BSN’s online banking services. Here’s the step-by-step process:

Initial Setup

  1. Visit an ATM to register your phone number for myBSN online registration.
  2. Choose the internet banking option on the ATM for first-time registration and online savings registration.
  3. Set a 6-digit PIN that you will use for myBSN registration through internet banking.

Online Registration

  1. Visit the official BSN online portal at
  2. Click ‘Register’ and accept the terms for ‘First Time Registration’
  3. Enter your Debit/Credit Card Number, PIN (for Debit Card only), Card Expiry, and CVV2.
  4. Enter your New IC/Old IC/Passport Number.
  5. Input a new User ID, request a One-Time-Password (OTP) which will be sent to your mobile via SMS, and select a security image.
  6. Once registered, you can view your account listings in the Account Overview Menu.


To proceed with online transaction banking, one-time verification is required. You need to visit your nearest BSN branch for assistance. You can also call BSN Contact Centre at 1-300-88-1900 / +603-2613 1900 (Overseas). The operating hours are from 7.00 am to 12.00 midnight.

BSN Online First-time Login

For the first-time login on BSN Online:

  1. Login with the username and password you set during registration.
  2. Fill in the requested personal data in the marked boxes. Other details can be filled in if desired.

Once logged in, you can access a variety of your BSN account information and conduct banking activities such as Funds Transfer with a daily maximum limit of RM10,000 for third-party.

Here’s a simple guide for the subsequent login:

  1. Visit the MyBSN website and click on ‘Login‘.
  2. Enter your username and password, then click ‘Enter’.
  3. Upon your first login, you’ll be required to change your password for security reasons. Make sure it’s something you can remember, but tough for others to guess.
  4. Once logged in, you can start managing your accounts, make transactions, and enjoy the convenience of online banking.

BSN Online Transfer

To perform a BSN online transfer via DuitNow on the myBSN platform, follow these steps:

Login to Your BSN Online Account

  1. Ensure you have an active BSN online account. If not, register through the official BSN website.
  2. Visit the official myBSN website: and enter your username.
  3. Click on the Login button and validate the security image.
  4. If the image matches the one you selected during registration, click Yes, enter your password, and click Login again.
  5. Once logged in, navigate to the “Transfer” section on the website.
  1. Initiate the Transfer:

Initiate the Transfer

  1. Select the account from which you wish to transfer money.
  2. There will be several options available: Own Accounts, 3rd Party Account, and Interbank Fund Transfer.
  3. Choose “Interbank Fund Transfer”.
  4. You’ll be directed to the “Enter Transfer Info” section, where you have two Transfer Type options: DuitNow and Interbank GIRO.
  5. Select “DuitNow” for faster transfers (avoid selecting Interbank GIRO as it’s slower)
  6. Complete the necessary fields like From Account, Transfer To, ID Type, My Favourites, Amount (RM), Recipient Reference, and Additional Info (Optional).
  7. Under Additional Info, you have the option to add Other Details and Notify Via Email.

Transfer Confirmation

  1. You need to proceed to the “Transfer Confirmation” section to verify the transfer details.
  2. Check all the details to ensure they are correct: Transfer Type, From Account, Beneficiary Details, and Payment Details.
  3. Once everything is accurate, you’ll see a TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) section.
  4. Click “Request TAC” to receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with BSN containing the TAC.
  5. Enter the received TAC number.
  6. Tick “Yes, I confirm that I have read and understand for DuitNow Terms and Conditions” and click the Confirm button to complete the transfer.

It’s recommended to check with BSN’s official guidelines or contact their customer service for the most accurate and updated instructions.

How to Bank In Money from BSN to Maybank Online?

To transfer money from BSN to Maybank online, you can use two main methods: Interbank GIRO (IBG) and DuitNow. Below are the steps for each method that only only applies to Maybank, but other banks:

Using Interbank GIRO (IBG)

Here’s a simplified guide on how to transfer money from BSN to Maybank using IBG:

  1. Login to your myBSN account: Enter your username, validate your Online Image, and enter your password.
  2. Navigate to Fund Transfer: Once logged in, scroll to the left section of the page and click on the button “Fund Transfer.” Then, select “Transfer to Other Banks (Interbank GIRO).”
  3. Fill in the Transfer Details:
  • From Account: Select your account number from the drop-down list.
  • Beneficiary Account Number: Choose either “Registered IBG Transfer” or “New IBG Transfer.”
  • Beneficiary Name: Enter the full name of the recipient as registered with their bank.
  • Beneficiary New IC/Old IC: (Optional) Enter the recipient’s identification number.
  • Beneficiary Resident Status: Select either “Malaysian Resident” or “Non-Malaysian Resident” based on the recipient’s residency status.
  • Sender Alert and Beneficiary Alert: Enter your email and the recipient’s email to receive notifications about the transaction. You can also enter the recipient’s phone number to send an SMS notification.
  • Receiving Bank: Enter the recipient’s bank name.
  • Amount (RM): Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Recipient Reference: Enter a transaction reference for the recipient’s use.
  • Other Payment: Enter any additional information for the transaction.

After that, scroll down and click “Submit.” Review the transaction details on the next page, and if everything is correct, click “Confirm.” Once confirmed, your transaction is successful. You can print the transaction receipt or make another transfer if necessary.

Using DuitNow

Based on the information from BSN Malaysia, here’s how you can use DuitNow to transfer money:

  1. Login to myBSN: Navigate to the official myBSN website and log in using your username and password.
  2. Select Transfer: Navigate to “Transfer” then “Interbank Fund Transfer” and select “DuitNow.”
  3. Enter Transfer Details:
  • From Account: Choose the account you wish to transfer money from.
  • DuitNow ID: Enter the DuitNow ID of the recipient.
  • Amount: Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Recipient Reference & Other Additional Info: Fill in the recipient reference and other additional information if necessary.

You need to verify the recipient’s details. A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number for validation. Enter the OTP to validate the transaction.

How to Get BSN Statement Online?

Here’s a guide on how to obtain your BSN online statement via myBSN Internet Banking and for credit card e-statements:

Via myBSN Internet Banking

  1. Go MyBSN website at
  2. Login with you credentials.
    • Enter your Username.
    • Click the Login button.
    • Validate the Security Image.
    • Enter your Password.
  3. Access the statement.
    • Click on “Account Overview”.
    • Click on “E-Statement”.
    • Click on “Account Name”.
    • Click on “Transaction History” to view your transactions.
  4. If you wish to print the statement, click on “Print”.

For BSN Credit Card E-Statements

As of 1 November 2022, BSN has transitioned to electronic statements for credit cardholders. You will no longer receive your monthly BSN Credit Card statement via post or email. To view your credit card e-statement, you can access myBSN internet banking by logging in with your credentials.

How to Buy No PIN BSN Online?

The BSN Unique ID No or Pin No is important for individuals in Malaysia, especially students applying to higher learning institutions via UPU. It is required when filling out online applications to higher learning institutions in Malaysia. Verifying and authenticating the applicant’s information is part of the application process.

Having a Unique ID No. or Pin No. helps in the verification process, making it a crucial step for students applying for a place in higher education institutions. By obtaining the Unique ID No. or Pin No., applicants can conveniently fill out their online applications from the comfort of their home or anywhere else, making the process less tedious and time-consuming.

The Unique ID No or Pin No adds an extra layer of security to the online application process, helping to prevent fraudulent applications and ensuring that only legitimate applicants are considered for admission. It helps streamline the administrative processes for applicants and institutions. Hence, it makes the application process smoother and more organised. It also serves as a reference for both the institution and the applicant, aiding in record-keeping and tracking the status of applications.

Here’s a guide on how to purchase a No Pin online through BSN:

Purchasing at BSN Counters

You can obtain the Unique ID No. or Pin No. from any BSN counters. At the counter, you only need to have your Identification Card (Kad Pengenalan), and you’ll need to fill a form for the cash purchase.


Purchase of PIN can also be made via ATM using your BSN Matrix, Matrix-i, or GIRO Card. Insert your BSN Card into the ATM, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase.

Purchasing Online

If you wish to purchase online, the process involves using internet banking. It is mentioned that the purchase of a No. Unique ID costs RM15.60 (SST not included). You should log in to your BSN online banking account and look for the option to purchase a No Pin or Unique ID online.


No PIN can also be obtained via SMS. However, we do not have the details of this method.

It would be best for you to contact BSN directly or visit their official website for the most accurate and detailed information on purchasing a No Pin online through BSN.

Benefits of MyBSN Online Banking

By using myBSN online banking, you can check your balance, pay bills, transfer funds and even purchase SSP and PIN, all from your home. Say goodbye to queues at the bank; with MyBSN, you control your finances 24/7.

And if you’re worried about security, MyBSN has got you covered. It uses advanced security measures to ensure your transactions are safe and confidential.

Troubleshooting and Support for BSN Online

If you’re facing any issues with the myBSN online platform, there’s a host of troubleshooting and support options available.

  1. For immediate assistance, you can reach the myBSN Customer Service Center at 1300 88 1900.
  2. If you’re abroad, call +603-2613 1900. They’re available 24/7 to help you.
  3. For frequently asked questions or troubleshooting guides, visit: BSN FAQs.
  4. If you have misplaced your login details, there’s a recovery option available on the myBSN website.
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