Backhoe In Malay

What is the meaning of backhoe in Malay?

In Malay, the meaning of backhoe is “pengorek belakang” or “jentera pengorek”.

How do I use the word ‘backhoe’ in Bahasa Melayu?

Here are some ‘contoh ayat’ that you can use:

1. Pengorek belakang digunakan untuk menggali tanah dan mengangkat beban berat dalam projek pembinaan.
2. Jentera pengorek sangat berguna dalam industri pertanian untuk menggali lubang dan membersihkan kawasan.
3. Dalam operasi penebangan, pengorek belakang sering digunakan untuk mengeluarkan pokok dan mengangkut kayu.

What is the definition of ‘backhoe’ in English?

A backhoe is a type of heavy equipment that is commonly used in construction, excavation, and demolition projects. It is a versatile machine that is designed to perform a variety of tasks, including digging, trenching, loading, and lifting.

The backhoe consists of a tractor-like vehicle with a large bucket on the front and a smaller digging arm on the back. The bucket on the front is used for loading and moving materials, while the digging arm on the back is used for digging and excavating.

The backhoe is operated by a skilled operator who uses a series of levers and controls to maneuver the machine and perform the necessary tasks. The operator sits in a cab on the machine and has a clear view of the work area, which allows them to work efficiently and safely.

Backhoes are commonly used in a variety of construction projects, including building roads, bridges, and buildings. They are also used in landscaping projects, such as digging ponds and removing trees. In addition, backhoes are often used in demolition projects to remove old structures and clear the way for new construction.

Overall, the backhoe is an essential piece of equipment in the construction industry, and its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset on any job site.

How do I pronounce the word backhoe in British English?

The word backhoe is pronounced as “bak-ho” in British English.

How do I use ‘backhoe’ in a sentence in English?

Here are some examples that you can use ‘backhoe’ in a sentence:

1. The construction crew used a backhoe to dig the foundation for the new building.
2. The farmer rented a backhoe to clear the land for his crops.
3. The city hired a contractor to repair the sewer line using a backhoe.
4. The excavation team used a backhoe to uncover the ancient ruins.
5. The homeowner used a backhoe to dig a pond in their backyard.

What are the related terms of ‘backhoe’?

Here are other terms or similar words for ‘backhoe’:

1. Excavator
2. Loader
3. Bulldozer
4. Skid steer
5. Grader
6. Digger
7. Trencher
8. Hydraulic system
9. Heavy equipment
10. Construction machinery

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